It’s Finished! Some Products I’ve Done and Dusted! Avene, Dove, Naked, Hadalabo and more!

This last month has all been about keeping clean and fresh – no time for make up or anything overly fancy, so I have got through a ton of bathing products. 

Do excuse the dodgy lighting.  Products I have recently finished…

Finished beauty products

Dove Colour Radiance Intensive Conditioner and Conditioner – 

I get through conditioner ridiculously quickly.  Even with my shorter hair which is much much easier to handle, it still gets knotty.  I managed to use up the regular and intensive Dove conditioner quickly…

The colour radiance range contains a UV filter and the intensive treatment has a cute looking pink stripe running through it. It is supposed to revitalise and keep hair colour longer for up to 10 weeks.

I found that both of these conditioners worked quite well – less heavy than Pantene which is more silicone-y – it works faster but I can also feel the build up after a while.  The DOVE conditioners are not as heavy as other high street conditioners I’ve used. They’re pretty decent although, I still need to put a bit of welly into brushing out those knots. 

Bison Wakilala – Under Armpit Scrub – reviewed here

It’s not that I’m an obsessive armpit scrubber- but this scrub is excellent for any areas you need some AHA help.  

I use this on my pits (it also seems to be great with giving the pits a deep clean, getting rid of sweat, smells and deodorant build up), but also on the bikini area.  It did wonders too on my belly when I had an ingrown hair there! Sounds crazy but it kept everything smooth. It also smells nice (fruity) and just feels better than a lot of body scrubs which I either find too abrasive (I’m not a chicken being salted) or too wimpy. 

Naked Care Sensitive Shampoo

I can’t make my mind up about this Shampoo.  On one hand, it’s an affordable choice for people who have delicate scalps like me, it’s accessible and free from SLS.  It had a weird texture though – maybe it was just mind but it became really thick like jelly and I had to remove the cap to get any of it out.  I finished, but I’m not too sure if I would use it again.

Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser

I never really got why people love Avene so much until in my pregnancy, then I just relied on the range so much for giving me fuss free skincare. I adore this cleanser – it’s so good and none irritating. I used this and the none rinse gel cleaner, and their toner for months and months and it did my skin a lot of good. I am sad this is finished, since there are some other cleansers I want to try now…sound stupid but it’ll remind me of being pregnant!

Hadalabo ES Make Up Cleansing Liquid

Hadalabo is a Japanese skincare brand with a vast selection of products. Their ES brand is for sensitive skin although they are well known for the AHA-BHA range (which I have tried and are too harsh for me, better for oily skins).  

This is a make up cleansing liquid which is kind of odd. On one hand, it’s very runny so unlike say, a lot of make up removal gels or cream cleansers, there’s not much too it. There’s a very slight edge of oiliness to it but it’s not a cleansing oil.  You need to use this with cotton pads as it’s runny, if you pump it in your hand it’ll just run through your fingers. 

But at the same time you need to rinse it off – I just found it really inconvenient to use.  It was ok at removing make up but I’d stick to a separate eye make up remover, or cleansing oil. 

I Love Juiced Up – Blackcurrant 

This is a bubble bath which both me and Mr C have been using as a shower gel (cos who has time for baths!?).  Obviously, like many many many other brands, it is similar to Philosophy bubble baths – the packaging, the design.  This is very cheap though, in comparison at £2.05 for a whopping 500ml. 

I do love Philosophy bubble baths and the main difference between theirs and something like this is that the I Love….range smell very nice, but not Ooooohhh which is what the Philosophy products smell like – they are more creative but then they cost much more.  

I didn’t find the I Love… too drying, but I didn’t find it moisturising either – I find 99% of bath washes a little drying that has always been the case.  I’d definitely use this brand again especially if they come up with some funky flavours like STRAWBERRY DOUGHNUT WITH CHOCOLATE SPRINKLES?!  

What products have you finished lately?

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  1. lou says

    Hey……i am like you and get through loads of conditioner…i have curly hair….i tend to use an intense conditioner in exactly the same way as a normal conditioner and it helps with using up so much…and its better for my hair!

    I was also wondering if you still have items 473 nars holiday palette and 494 dior paletter for sale? If so, would you be able to email me an invoice please x x thanks x x