Have you tried Nail Polish Removing Cream? Etude House Nail Polish Remover Review

I was first introduced to nail polish removing creams about a year ago when I bought this black tub full of a rich creamy gel that looked similar to a cleansing balm.  I believe it was a Thai product and much to my surprise it worked really well at taking polish off…and then before I could do a review, I lost it (the remover,I mean). 

Suddenly there are lots of nail polish removing creams on the (Asian) market (I await lots of European copycats soon).  I am addicted to buying polish but I don’t actually wear it that often because I can’t bear it if the

re’s an imperfection in the application and I hate, hate, hate taking it off.  

Maybe nail polish removing cream is the answer?

Etude House Nail Remover Cream

Etude House has a new line of nail polish removers, from 1 – 5. 

MAKEUP Color Makeup Nail Etude House Nail Remover Extra Power 100ml

1 – Mild nail polish remover, 2 – Extra Strength, 3- For Sensitive Nails (acetone free), 4- Moisturising and 5 – Massage Type.  As you can see on the above chart, the top line represents removing power and the bottom represents hydration (I am guessing this actually! Logically, that is what it should be!). 


This is number 5 – Soft Massage for damaged nails.  It is Acetone free and has a soft rose scent.

It’s a thick rich cream – not unlike a cuticle balm would be.  Depending on how tough your polish is, you need about 1/2 a cm per nail but this is really up to you.

Etude House Nail Remover Cream 1

The idea of this nail cream is that you should spend a minute or so rubbing it into the near. It does do a great job of hydrating the nail and leaving it feeling nourished I have to say (another thing I hate about traditional nail polish removers is how it leaves my nails feeling and looking really dry). 

Is smells lovely too.

I have tested it here on glitter polish which is always that bit harder to remove:

Etude House Nail Remover Cream 2

It spreads out thinly – I am quite impatient so I rubbed it in for 30 seconds tops. The longer you can bear to leave it, the better:

Etude House Nail Remover Cream 3

Then with a cotton ball or pad (I hate cotton balls, they leave strands of fluff everywhere but I seem to have them everywhere since having a baby!):

Etude House Nail Remover Cream 4

Not bad, considering eh? If I had waited longer and done more massaging the bits of glitter would have come off more cleanly, I think.


i. The product is very gentle compared to regular nail polish and didn’t dry mine at all.

ii. It smells lovely.

iii. It is also hydrating to the nail!

iv. It is effective at removing polish – it’s not just a gimmick.


i. It’s pretty time consuming, nothing outrageous but if you are used to using industrial strength polish remover and can whip colour off in a minute then be aware this will take longer to use. 

ii. You don’t get much – this tube is 45g, and if you are squeezing out product on to every nail it’s going to disappear relatively quickly.


See, the downside to this product is that it takes longer to use and I hate wasting time removing polish but then again for someone like me, who has nails that look horribly dry after using nail polish remover in Boots, it’s a really great alternative. 

I will definitely continue to use this – I may look around and see if there is nail polish removing cream that works ever so slightly faster than this one.  I am also happier using this around baby then a smelly regular remover which stinks out the house. 

I bought this from eBay and paid around £7 including shipping. 

Have you every tried nail polish cream?


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  1. Marianne says

    Interesting product! Have not seen anything like it here. What does it contain to remove the nailpolish?

  2. says

    Nice idea! I recently spilled some remover on the wood floor, and what a pain! So this would definitely be safer to use around anything with a polished finish.
    Too bad it’s slow; removing polish is always so boring.

  3. says

    wow I’ve never heard of nail polish remover cream – it looks like it’s pretty effective though! I’ll have to check this one out x

  4. says

    Yeah great results ! I already tried one but it was not a success. But according to you, this one seems to be a good product. Usually, this kind of product is the same texture that tooth paste with an abrasive element (silicium or sodium bicarbonate). And it works fine but it leaves micro scratches on the nail some times so you have to be carefull about polishing well your nails if it happens to recover the silk texture of it.

  5. kuromame says

    I used a product I bought in Japan. I think the name was Cream-Off or something; it was in a light blue tube with a darker blue cap. It wasn’t great if you were in a hurry, but if you waited and massaged for a while it did a really great job. I actually misplaced the tube recently and really miss it, especially for tough polish that takes forever to remove no matter what you do.