The Best Foundations, Candy Style: No. 3: MAC Mineralize Foundation SPF 15

This week I am reviewing my 5 current favourite foundations!

MAC?! I’m featuring a MAC product? Well, yes, I am!

First off this foundation is the newcomer in this list. This is totally not a base for everyone, but I still think as far as cream foundation goes, it works pretty well.

MAC Mineralize Foundation SPF15 is a creamy, rich base which is super soft, doesn’t need any warming up and gives a medium coverage that is buildable. It really covers flaws so for days when you can’t be bothered (most days!) you can slap this on quickly with a sponge and you’re done.

And that, is why I really like this base!


Yet it comes with is flaws – it is so rich that it needs setting otherwise it’s sayonara by lunch time. It’s most definitely for drier skins – it feels so comfortable when your skin if feeling parched, BUT on the t-zone it tends to slide off.

Still I like it – it’s my current in a rush, go to base. Especially nice applied with a stippling brush.


Colour Range:

The usual MAC selection from NC15 to NW55.

For Skin Types:

Dry and Dull.


Cream, feels a little oily when first applied but sets.


Medium, can be built up.


So-so. On very dry skins, it may last longer, on combination skin it slides off mid day and need topping up.


Quite a glowy base, due to the fact it’s quite a hydrating product. Use too much and it looks greasy.

Main Strength:

Hydration and leaving the skin feeling soft and comfortable.

Main Con:

Doesn’t last too long

Score: 3.5/5

Price: £23 for 10g. Is that expensive? It feels expensive for a MAC foundation and also, I am on to my second one – the first didn’t last more than 6 weeks of daily use.

Buy At: Mac Counters and here.

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  1. Giselle says

    I wanted to love this MAC foundation…but its true, it comes off quickly. I had to reapply 2 hours later! So now I use it as an under-eye concealer since my dark circles aren’t too bad.

  2. Wendy says

    I’ve tried the liquid one and the mineralize powder and the powder gives great coverage and it stays on a lot more.
    The foundation has medium coverage but it made me break out.

  3. liloo/tsunimee says

    Grr, this foundation sounds ideal to me with my poor dry skin but I can’t justify it. I can see myself using it with a very heavy hand. I am going to stick to studio fix i think. what a shame. I loved that review. x