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Dear Readers…

This week I am moving house!

To say it has been a stressful time is an understatement – work (real day job!) has been busy, I have been very tired, I’ve had 8 weeks to plan a wedding, and we only confirmed our new pad TWO days before we had to leave our current place! However, it wasn’t our fault, with a lot of let downs and screw ups, all I can say is that me and Mr C are incredibly resilient in the face of adversity!  

At least we can say we found a great place to live now and it was down to chance!

I have managed to schedule posts for the week so although I will be all over the place (hello Ikea), there will be giveaways and reviews all week! 

Cats moving

As soon as this move is done and dusted I will have just THREE weeks to finish planning the wedding! We picked a date rather spontaneously when we got engaged – I didn’t want a long engagement and now I am wondering if I have missed out anything vitally important because to be honest, I think I have things just about under control?! 

Although I don’t have a wedding dress yet, I don’t have a cake, I haven’t thought about what the ceremony will entail…oh well. I’m sure 3 weeks is more than enough time, since we are leaving out a lot of the traditional customs and the usual wedding tat like monogrammed napkins!

If I pull this off, I’ll do a ‘How to plan a wedding in 2 months’ post, eh! 

Cat weddings

I’ll have more news to share in a week or two!  Until then wish me luck! x

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    I actually like your philosophy not to have a long engagement. It puts a lot of things in perspective and short term stresses can be better than dragging it out for months. Good luck!!

  2. says

    Good luck lovely! Sure everything will run smoothly for your move. Looking forward to hearing all about it upon your return x