My dry, sensitive skin! Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream & Very Gentle Calming Fluid Review

My skin over the last few months has been a little bit crazy; it’s been very very sensitive and very very dry. I have been getting less spots randomly appearing but those little red flare ups are appearing all over the place! Eek!

When it comes to finding something for dry and sensitive skin, I am not usually swayed by brands when they drop in that their products are ok for sensitive skin.  I will know very quickly if something isn’t right no matter how suitable a label says it is because my skin burns up so easily. 

I have used with fairly good success some products from Trilogy!

Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream Very Gentle Calming Fluid Review

Trilogy has a range of skincare built around being natural and cuts out alcohol and fragrance.  

This suits me just fine – the less irritants a product has the better. 

The Ultra Hydrating Face Cream:

This creamy, antioxidant-rich moisturiser is ideal for the daily care of dry, weakened skin. Pure plant emollients, including Rosehip, Avocado and Evening Primrose, lock in moisture helping restore elasticity and softness for long-lasting comfort. 

This comes in a squeezy tube which is handy and I prefer it anyway because I’m not having to stick my fingers in a tub.  It is a very rich, dense cream  which sinks in nicely into my skin and leaves it really hydrated.  

It’s a bit of a slow burner though – it took 3 weeks of daily use for it to get rid of dry patches, PLUS, I haven’t been able to downgrade to a light cream – my skin is just that dry at the moment.  However, it just feels so lovely to put on and I know I’m not putting anything nasty on to my face. 

The only thing about this cream is that it smells very strongly of honey (t is a key ingredient) and mixed with the other oil – I can’t put my finger on which one exactly, it reminds me of cider vinegar.  It’s not enough to make me stop using the product but whenever I use it, I do wish that it smelt better. 

Very Gentle Calming Fluid:

Combines natural spring water and calming extracts of Chamomile and Calendula with moisture-repairing plant oils to help calm your complexion and protect the weakened skin barrier of sensitive skin.

The first 2 times I used this, it actually stung my face!  Yep…I have some seriously sensitive patches on my face at the moment.  Disheartened, I let my skin get better for a week before trying again.

When I used it again I still got a tingle, but if faded quickly. I noticed the next day my skin was a lot less red than usual and looked really calm and smooth (which isn’t easy when your skin is dry and delicate).  So it does definitely work – my skin did require time to adjust to it though although since it is fragrance and alcohol free I’m not sure what I reacted it!

Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face Cream Very Gentle Calming Fluid Review 1

The Calming Fluid is a very liquid light lotion which isn’t that hydrating and needs to be used with a cream if you are dry (if you are oily and sensitive, maybe not!). I can use both of these products together and it doesn’t burden my skin but I am very dry.  

Both of these products are excellent choices for a more natural skincare product that works well for dry and sensitive skin types. I have used these for a while with no issues and my skin is definitely looking better and feeling more resilient for it. 

The calming fluid is £28.50 and the face cream is £24.50 from Boots. 

Do you have any skin concerns?

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  1. catherine says

    Hey :) I have a skin question, my skin is normally shiny,oily and red. But currently my skin is shiny,oily,red,spotty,blackheads,open pores and dry patches! I currently use a cream face wash and night cream in the evening, and in the morning I use lushes 9 to 5 cleanser, tea tree toner and a simple moisture, I have always had sentive skin, but I currently have every skin type there is! Have you got any recs? The cheaper the better! Thankyou :) catherine