I went on Honeymoon! And found a Sephora!

After my wedding (see posts from yesterday!) we went on Honeymoon! I wanted to go to Bali but we couldn’t travel too far so we went to Greece (in fact this was only booked about 2 weeks before!).  

Rhodes was nice enough and it was around 37 – 39 degrees celcius every day and to be honest somewhat unbearable for me. It was airless hot you know?!

Greek Cats

Cats are everywhere in Greece.  They can be quite dirty I was dying to clean their noses! The nice thing is they definitely get fed, tourists feed them and you can see water being left out.  They can be vicious – Mr C went to pet one and he got his hand badly scratched in a second. I thought he’d caught rabies or something…

Anyway, a few times we took the bus down to Rhodes Town and found some really touristy shops.  We also got stopped by a guy who told us we might’ve won an iPad as long as we went into a taxi to see an amazing hotel by a company called ‘Aegean Blue’…don’t ask (did we really fall for that one, Mr C?!). 

So, if you go to Greece and some dude stops you and gives you a scratchcard and says you won XXX then it’s a load of crap – you know it, we knew it, and still we went and had free orange juice for 2 hours. 

Beach greece rhodes

The beach was terrible.  It was a rock beach.  We went to sample the sea and got about 2 steps in and started wobbling as it was SO painful to walk on.  I started yelling at Mr C to get me out which would’ve been possible if he wasn’t also yelling and telling me to get him out so we stood there like two planks wobbling in some shallow water. Oh, how the Europeans laughed. 

We went to Lindos for the day with the intention of seeing the Acropolis but it was so so so so hot I knew we’d never make it up the hill! So here’s a sign leading to the Acropolis.  

Acropolis Greece Rhodes Lindos


Buffet meal

Our meals were all inclusive.  People are such hogs when there’s a open buffet I tell ya, in the end I got so bored of the food and stuck to the salad. I have never seen so much feta cheese in my entire life (although I couldn’t eat it, boo!).

I was starting to get a bit bored – I am crap at none city, none activity holidays really and what do I see on the top of a hill….SEPHORA!!! Rhodes has a Sephora!??!?! 

Sephora Rhodes

The shop was great! Although they didn’t have the US brands I am always lusting over like Josie Maran and Tarte, there was Sephora’s own range and Make Up For Ever, then the usual high end ranges. They had lots of offers on, such as:

30% all Sephora ranges

25% all other ranges during happy hour (after 5pm)

50% off all lip glosses across all brands.

Sephora Rhodes Lip Stick Stand

I lost a few hours in there…but it perked me up despite the heat! 

I ended up acquiring a number of Sephora Glosses at 50% off, Sephora eyeshadows and waterproof eye pencils at 30% off, Lip Glosses from Chanel and YSL at 50% off (HURRAH).  I’ll review these for you soon. 

The look of pure happy:

At Sephora Rhodes

Also Greece is the home of lots of lovely beauty brands like Apivita and Korres. You can find their stufff in all the pharmacies! I kept seeing these Apivita express mask stands:

Apivita express mask stand

I got some Korres soap because me and Mr C’s skin went nuts (more about this later) and 2 goody packs they do where you get a mixture of items for a discounted price, it 40-60% off!

Flying was horrible by the way – very uncomfortable but it was a really nice little break for us. I think my next break will be to a city though, preferably Asian! You just can’t keep me away from the Shops!

Have you ever been to Greece?

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  1. says

    Actually, Greece is one of the places I want to visit :) But it sounds like you had a good time despite everything. I’m sure Sephora more than made up for it LOL! 😉

  2. says

    US Sephoras never have deals like that! And if you ever go to Las Vegas, or Florida, or anywhere, really… RUN AWAY from those people who say you won something/can get some free tickets if you give them a half hour of your time. It will definitely take 4 hours of your time -_-

  3. Kitty says

    I’ve been to Crete a couple of times and Kos once and I LOVE Greece so much. I love the mountains, the sea, the culture, the little cities and towns. I want to open my own spa in Crete in the future one day!

    Kitty x

  4. Lucky says

    So they no longer have the Colossus, but they do have a deeply discounted Sephora? Pretty fair trade off, I must say…