I Love Lash by Teresa Smith – Lash Extension Treatment Review!

Regular readers will know that I have tried various lash extension treatments in the past so I am bit of a veteran at this kind of thing!  

My overall pros and cons can be seen here and I would say that the finish you get completely depends on the skill of your lash tech.  For me, lashes can sometimes be overly heavy as people overestimate how much weight my lashes can take (even though they are fine and straight) and put something too heavy on anyway. 

This equals lash loss and damage – on top of that it’s uncomfortable to wear for a long period of time. 

So, how was my treatment at I Love Lash?

I LOVE LASH London s Premier Lash Studio by Teresa Smith

I Love Lash is the brainchild of Teresa Smith, a lady with who is a highly experienced nail technician and fell in love with lash extensions.  

I visited her in her Liverpool Street Studio which is based in Klinik, a holistic ‘mind, body and soul studio’ – did I tell you there are 2 cute dogs that greet you on the way in?!

Teresa is immediately very personable, very laid back and just really easy to talk to about anything and everything.  Which is just as well because the treatment ended up taking around 2.5 hours because I had wore a new mascara. 

Get this – I usually wear a very waterproof Japanese mascara for day to day, but I had put a Laura Gellar one on, thinking that it would come off easily.  However, it was iron proof and we spent forever trying to get that off.  Whoops!

Teresa talked to me about her lash style; that is, she likes to use very fine lashes and layer them rather than sticking on thick heavy lashes.  It takes a lot longer to put on tons of fine lashes then it takes to put on a few chunky ones, but the overall result is worth it.  

She showed me a selection of her lashes and used a mixture of mink and silk lashes on me too – basically, it’s all about the clients’ eyes and lashes and working with that. The lashes used on me felt – and feel very very soft and light. 

My favourite lash extensions so far belong to Sue Marsh who also spent a long time on my lashes – the treatment was just so gentle and the lashes were very fine. 

So there’s a few things that I noticed about Teresa as she was working – she has a very light touch, and works on one eye, then moves to the other and back again, giving them a chance to dry. She uses a fan which sucks up the glue fumes and it really works – my eyes have been irritated before by lash extension glue but it was actually fine this time. 

I’ll start sharing some of the picks of my extensions with you…

(I took these in a hotel bathroom under poor light, and I was VERY tired, please do excuse!):

I Love Lash by Teresa Smith Lash Extension Treatment Review

Teresa used a B curl on me which is not that curly as I had a lash perm a few days prior. If I hadn’t she would’ve used a different type of lash with a more severe bend that opens up the eyes if you have super straight lashes like me. 

Because my lashes were mega curly, they did NOT need curly lashes on top of it. It was a good choice! Sometimes with extensions it’s about looking at what is there and compensating accordingly. 

I like how fine the join is – I’ve had lashes done where the stump of the extension is really thick and like a black blob…urgh. 

I Love Lash by Teresa Smith Lash Extension Treatment Review 1

I have a mixture of lengths on with the longest in the middle as my outer edge lashes are quite short so it would be fighting the natural shape and length of them.

What else was interesting was how Teresa worked on one layer, the taped it back and worked on what was underneath. 

I Love Lash by Teresa Smith Lash Extension Treatment Review 2


I Love Lash by Teresa Smith Lash Extension Treatment Review 3

I have to say – I really really really really love these lashes. I don’t say that – I rarely say that – about lash extension treatments.

I could tell by the time Teresa had finished they felt different to the ones I’ve had before. No glue stinging.  No gloopy eyes, no super heavy lashes or uncomfortableness. They are, as she promised, very light indeed.

I Love Lash by Teresa Smith Lash Extension Treatment Review 4

They feel as good as the Sue Marsh lashes, which are also very light, but are more dramatic.  They could definitely stand in for fake lashes.

I Love Lash by Teresa Smith Lash Extension Treatment Review 5

I guess my main issue with lashextensions is COMFOT. This is not the case for everyone but I cannot bear pain or irritation around my eyes – the worst that has happened with these lashes is a bit of tangling, and obviously all you need to do is give them a comb. 

A few lashes have dropped out in the last few days which is expected and they came off quite easily – which is a good thing. Some lash extensions don’t fall out without causing some real pain on the way out. 

I Love Lash by Teresa Smith Lash Extension Treatment Review 6

Teresa supplied me with some aftercare products for washing the eyes and lashes – some Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, bicarb of soda already measured out into a little foam bottle (you just add your own boiled, then cooled water to it and the shampoo).  It produces a fine foam, so you can give your eyes and lashes a wash – nice touch I think because I wouldn’t have had the time to go out and source everything and a little foam bottle for a while.

I Love Lash by Teresa Smith Lash Extension Treatment Review 7

I would seriously recommend I Love Lash – I don’t have the urge to take these off, they are very unbothersome (is that a word?!) super duper duper duper comfortable and light to wear etc. The result is dramatic without looking ridiculous, and not heavy or pulling on my own lashes.

Teresa is also very nice, and easy to chat to and keeps you comfortable throughout the treatment. 

I Love Lash has 2 studios – 

Liverpool Street Studio, 16 Devonshire Row, EC2M 4RH and

Harvey Nichols Studio, 109-125 Knightsbridge

Prices vary depending on where you go. To book email info@ilovelash.com or call 07931 724404 or Online (check the site for list of prices). 

*Complimentary appointment

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