Holiday Speed Reviews 1: La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50 Sun Protection Cream / Fluid


“Just buy the cheapest one” Mr C said.  Ok, he didn’t say this. I did. Regarding Sun Cream.  A visit to home bargains, £15 lighter and 3 bottles of Calypso sun cream and after sun later, we thought we’d got a bargain.   Don’t get me wrong – Calypso no doubt is a great budget brand and other people have told me good things about the range. But for me and Mr C, we both […]

I went on Honeymoon! And found a Sephora!


After my wedding (see posts from yesterday!) we went on Honeymoon! I wanted to go to Bali but we couldn’t travel too far so we went to Greece (in fact this was only booked about 2 weeks before!).   Rhodes was nice enough and it was around 37 – 39 degrees celcius every day and to be honest somewhat unbearable for me. It was airless hot you know?! Cats are everywhere in Greece.  They can […]

I went on holiday! My week in Budapest


A few weeks ago, Mr C took me to Budapest for my birthday. I don’t go on holiday very often; I find the whole process quite stressful really, but once I am away I feel much more zen! My opinion of Budapest or Buda-pesht as our driver would say; it’s very scenic, very very cold, and a real mix of the old and new.  Rickety old trolley buses pass many, many Starbucks branches. Best sight by far, was The […]

Next Week…Chit chat, Holidays, Giveaways and Competitions


Just letting you ladies know I will be away for a few days but I have been working hard and there will be posts as usual! Infact, lots of good stuff next week. There seems to be a problem with Twitter at the moment and new posts are not automatically being tweeted. I will fix this hopefully, but if you follow new posts via Twitter and notice it’s very quiet then it’s because it isn’t […]

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