Next Week…Chit chat, Holidays, Giveaways and Competitions

Just letting you ladies know I will be away for a few days but I have been working hard and there will be posts as usual! Infact, lots of good stuff next week.


There seems to be a problem with Twitter at the moment and new posts are not automatically being tweeted. I will fix this hopefully, but if you follow new posts via Twitter and notice it’s very quiet then it’s because it isn’t working so do come by the blog anyway or Subscribe to keep up with the new posts!

Also next week I will be running a competition/giveaway each day at 12.00 GMT. Entries will be via comments this time because I am not here to keep a tab on Twitter entries. You can enter all the giveaways once and most are open internationally.


We are also working very hard to get our latest finished video done and posted before my little break, so keep your eye out for that too.

Comments and emails will be answered when I get back – do feel free to comment as usual and I will deal with them later.

Lots of Love! x

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