Quick mini haul – Guerlain Black Liquid Liner and Givenchy

After falling in love yesterday with Givenchy I had to seek out the smikey LE palette:

I really do prefer this palette to the lighter palette:

But what do we do about the dots? How can we just rub them out when they make the palette SOOOO beautiful?! At £27.50 they really are good value; a Nars duo is £22.50 on it’s own and a Chanel quad or Dior is normally around £34.

I also picked up the LE Givenchy Rose Dandy Lipstick which comes in the very old school stunning case:

Perfect colour – it’s not for me alas, but my mother. I have to say, I wouldn’t mind one for myself but it is pretty rosy, and I am more of a nude girl so I shall pass.

When it comes to black liquid eyeliners its so hard findng a good one. I am madly in love with the dumbo proof Shu Uemura Liquid Eyeliner pen – no kidding, its so easy to get a thin straight line since it’s just like a felt tip. However the only tiny tiny fault is that you do need to really click sometimes to get it nice and inky. I hate stopping half way through doing a line because the ink has run out.

I don’t like pen eyeliners that can’t be refilled (what a waste!) and the Japanese ones I find aren’t bold enough. I don’t need no grey eyeliner!

So I invested in one of these:

Guerlian liquid eyeliner in 01 Black, (£19.50). It’s very glam, very old school.

I have swatched it now I got it home. I LOVE it. It’s a TRUE black.

It dries, then it’s budge proof. No need to go over the line, no need to click, it just looks like a true elegant line:

Oh my – doesn’t this come in a variety of colours including blue, purple and brown? I’m not bothered about a liquid liner if the colour isn’t true but judging by the standard of the black, these liners should be completely opaque and glam!

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