MAC Stylistics, Metal X, Of Beauty & Curiousitease in the UK *Yawn*

MAC UK have released the last of the Christmas Extravaganza –

Of Beauty, consisting of Loose Beauty Powders (3 Limited, 3 available in the Pro range) and studio lights concealers (released previously with the Catherine Deneauve collection.)

There is the Metal-X range which consists of Glitter Eyeliners and Creme Eyeshadows:

There is finally the Stylistcs Range, consisting of Lipstick, Lipgloss, Blush/highlighter and powders:

The Curiositease range has also been released with the lipglass, plushglass and pigment sets.

The US have had these ranges for a week or two now so I’ve read all the reviews and seen all the swatches first!

I have heard generally good things but my biggest concern is that I heard that Metal X shadows crease badly. Even with primer, even with a powder shadow on top. Eek! Creasing is not a good look.

Nevertheless I love cream eyeshadows so am going to give them a go (I also have dry eyelids).

Having said that, it is a lot harder to return an item in the UK even if it is crap! So I am going to use mail order, as you always get a returns form if you are not happy and sending it back will be somewhat less stressful that arguing with a SA in the middle of Selfridges.

*Yawn* I’m really on MAC overload. There are other beauties out there commanding my attention but MAC keep releasing a million different ranges.

Now, to find more storage space….

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