MAC Mail Order

Monday, Monday…..

I hate Monday’s but today actually hasn’t been a particularly bad one. I’ve started dropping hints as to Xmas pressies (Nars Luster, Nars Maldives, Prescriptives Colourscope Palette in Warm)…

I also got the chance to call Mac Mail Order – it was a real debacle because MAC have different numbers for everything.

If you want MAC Pro products, you used to have to call the Soho Store to order. Now you can call a Mail Order No. which is awkward to say the least because it makes you leave a message if the phone isn’t answered within 3 minutes! So then I call MAC ONLINE which is different to MAC MAIL ORDER but you can make orders on that no, yadda yadda.

Anyway if you want to make a mail order, call – 08700342676, option 2.

Plum Electric has already sold out from the Metal-X range (does that mean I need to pay full price for it at the stores now? D’oh. It creases anyway but I have issues, I need to have equal numbers of things so I will have to hunt it down…)

The three limited edition Loose Beauty Powders are also not availble on mail order at the moment – thats Tenderdusk, Sunspill and Soft Flame. Instead, I got Daisydust, Drizzlegold and Peach Haze. Ahh, who need limited editions anyway.

So all in all, quite stressful. Nevertheless, I should have my box of goodies by the end of the week!

In case you are bored with nothing to do (ie. at work) here’s something fun to look at – Guess My Age.

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