It’s a good job I’m not a Macaholic. How do you guys deal with it – collection, after collection, after collection, after collection.

I have bought nowt from MAC for a good 6 months. Restraint, ladies, restraint. (ahem).

There’s the Gold Fever collection, Ungaro, Suite Array, Creamsheen, Manish Aurora, Sheer Minerals, Cult of Cherry – all in the space of what?  A month?  2 months?  Isn’t it just too much?

*The palette from Manish by the way looks HOT – but £30…that’s slightly short of a very good quality Bobbi Brown Palette, isn’t it?

How often do you think brands should release new collections?  I wouldn’t mind 6 collections, one every 2 months from my favourite brands, like Nars and RMK.  RMK is especially slow with new things….

Whatcha think?  Or do you like the MAC Attack?

Its 8pm and I believe its time for a quick Krispy Kreme visit!

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  1. blu3 says

    I’m no MAC addict but I enjoy the frequency of collections actually. It makes going to their counters more interesting. Even if I don’t buy that much it keeps me entertained 😀

    Without MAC, cosmetics would be a lot more boring imo…seasonal collections are too far apart imo.

  2. Chica says

    I think it’s too much – there’s so many it’s hard to get excited about them anymore – that said their holiday collection is a stunner :)
    I ignore most of their collections, I tend to be swayed more easily by Urban Decay, I’m such a massive fan of brights 😀

  3. Row says

    Hey Blu! Some brands do seem to take ages to get a new range in but then if I get bored waiting for the new Nars or RMK it makes me look at other brand’s collections. :) Dontcha find MAC stuff looks very similar too?

    See what makes me love the Japanese collections is that when they release something new, its new packaging, its a new formula, its new(ish) colours, its a new concept :)

  4. Row says

    Hey Chica!

    You will love the Spring BB palette then! I love the look of MAC’s Manish eyeshadow palette – cos like u I love brights! But the other collections are a bit meh for me – its overload! Having said that if they release a Hello Kitty Collection, then I’m there, 2 of everything!

  5. Chica says

    Hello Kitty is planned for next spring I believe – if you want to join me in my bank robbery plan to afford everything from it, let me know 😉

  6. says

    i don’t like the head spinning mac collections being released, but on the other hand, waiting for new drugstore collections is like waiting for grass to grow =(

  7. Row says

    Hey Chica

    OMG! Hello Kitty for MAC is just like……amazing. Helly Kitty for Shu would be even better :p

  8. Row says

    Hey Kia

    Everytime I look at Drugstore counters they do look terribly samey….yawnn too slow, too slow!