I got Shellac’d! Testing the CND Shellac Hybrid Nail Color at Gielly Green Salon

There has been much chatter about CND’s (Creative Nail Design) Shellac. It looks like nail polish, it applies like nail polish but you set it like a gel, and it lasts for 14 days without chipping (possibly more!). It also comes off in 10 minutes easily and dries immediately – before you leave the salon!

I am no nail expert – I have recently become really fond of polish but I can’t tolerate anything that dries out my naturally strong nails. I also ruin my nails instantly so the prospect of something that can last 2 weeks or more without a top up gets a bit thumbs up from me.


The process began as a normal manicure, cleaning the nail (but not soaking them) and pushing the cuticles back.

There were about 6 colours to choose from. I choose pink (even though I loved the coral) as I have some important appointments where I need to keep things neutral.

The order was then the UV base coat (set under a lamp) two coats of polish (set under the lamp) and the top coat (set under a lamp).


I was so tired when I had this done – was literally a zombie so I kept drifting in and out of conciousness…
It was by no means a fast process – with every layer needed to dry, I was in there for about 1 hour 20 mins.

After the setting is done, the nail is wiped down to remove a sticky surface – amazing! The nails really were truly dry! I have never had a manicure and not left the salon without smudging.

The overall finish is super glossy and shiny – it doesn’t look thick and gel like at all – I am not a fan of any kind of fake nail and this looks just like my own nail but glossier.

Apparently using a nail oil is a must whilst Shellac is on to keep the cuticle hydrated.


I am going to report back in 14 days and let you know if this nail has survived!!!! I am very hard going on my hands, I really am so I would be surprised if there wasn’t a little bit of wear by then.

Also, you need to have this removed by the salon (or whoever Shellac’s you!) as they use a 100% Acetone remover. I haven’t figured out what I am going to do when I am ready to remove them yet as I don’t live anywhere near the salon! D’oh!

Cheesy advert for Shellac:

I went to Gielly Green to try this service out, Shellac costs £52.

It’s obviously quite expensive. If you get your nails done a lot you might want to invest in this since one manicure is probably about £25 a pop anyway and lasts about a week.

I would get it done again especially for holidays because I totally ruin my polish in a short space of time.

Any questions about this, the experience etc? Ask me in the comments!

* This treatment was complimentary, offered because I didn’t have a great manicure the first time (treatment I paid for) so they invited me back for this.

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  1. Harpreet says

    Thats a pretty colour.
    it took 1 hour 20 mins to get them done, i think i’ll stick to the regular nail polish!

  2. Ja says

    Did you pay for this yourself or was it a free treatment? You didn’t really make it clear in the post…

  3. says

    wow….thats expensive. i change my nail colour too often to want to have a varnish last more than a few days so its not worth it, plus even if it lasts a fortnight..you are going to have bare nail at the cuticle become more obvious as the nail grows.

    • Row says

      True true true! Mine are a week old so far…I still like the colour but I am always changing my mind!

  4. liloo says

    “was literally a zombie so I kept drifting in and out of conciousness” >>> hahahahaahahahahahaha :)
    this made me giggle. this looks so good and I cant wait to hear about it survived on you. do you know by any chance if they do ‘french manicure like that?’ this looks so cool for holidays!!
    oooo cosmetic candy the website has changed too. i like it, i like seeing 4 posts in a row like this.

  5. amelia says

    im a self employed nail tech and i do shellac in my salon and i charge £12 for a file and shellac (£52 is redculous!!) and its takes about 15-20mins!! so i dont understand whyy some places take 1-2 hours! lol but it does deffinatly last 2weeks plus! ive had ladys have it on for 4weeks!! yes you do get growth at the bottom but that cant be helped! and about removal some salons sell you the remover wraps for around £5ishh or if you just buy a cheap nail polish remover the is acetone just soak a cotton pad and place on your nails for bout 2-5mins that all it really needs :)

  6. Rebecca says

    I am a mobile therapist new to CND. I am very impressed with the Shellac, fab product. I am having problems getting products though it is just so popular. I also can’t understand why it took so long for your application. It takes me about 30 mins depending on how much prep work is required.

  7. Cathy Keenan says

    I wish to become a shellac nail technician but can’t seem to find out how. I live in N.Ireland if you can help me I’d appreciate it thanks