Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer and Brightening Powder

As regular readers will know, I am obsessed with Skinfood, a Korean brand that has lots of unusual make up and skincare combinations.

Next up is the Salmon Dark Circle Concealer and Brightening Powder! According to some, the ideal shade of concealer is not yellow or beige for dark circles – its salmon.

salmon.jpg .jpg

I generally don’t like Salmon – do you? I like Sashimi (raw salmon) as long as its the freshest, nicest salmon you can buy (its almost nutty) and baked salmon. But thats it. Wow, I said salmon a lot in that last sentence.

skinfood salmon dark circle concealer and powder.jpg

I paid bout £7 each for these (on eBay). Skinfood is actually pretty inexpensive in Korea, so yes, there is a mark up when the products are sold on eBay, but its ok in sterling, still quite affordable.

See the result after the jump!

They say:

An instant brightening concealer/powder, it is rich in omega-3 fatty acid, vitamins A & E with Nano-coating, to lighten dark eye circles.

I am sure there are no crushed salmon bits in this, by the way, incase you are allergic.

The cream concealer comes in 2 shades, 01 and 02. I went for 02 as I find Asian cosmetic products to be on the light side.

skinfood salmon concealer.jpg

This is the dark circle powder. It reminds me of my Laura Mercier brightening powder (no idea where it is, if I find it I will put it in the blog sale, which is on Sunday 11th Oct *plug plug*)

The powder is a light yellow. I can’t see many sparkly, light reflecting particles:

skinfood salmon dark circle conealer powder.jpg

The powder goes on top of the concealer to set it…

skinfood eye brightening powder.jpg

On its own – as you can see, quite a matte powder:

skinfood concealer-2.jpg

Ladies and gents, please be aware this is the eye of a very tired and very very stressed woman:

concealer eye.jpg

The concealer is very creamy – its almost a bit sticky (reminds me RMK) but it has fluidity. Its a really interesting texture – no doubt its got good coverage, but its not madly heavy, its quite rich but it doesn’t settle into lines…but there is a stickiness. Bear this in mind…

skinfood concealer.jpg

After – its a very hydrating concealer. Its reflected light yet its not too heavy:

skinfood concealer-1.jpg

With the powder on top. The shine has gone, and its brighter. Bear in mind none of the rest of my face has make upon so it looks a bit strange (my eye lid could do with some concealing!):

skinfood concealer-3.jpg

Overall, its a fab product! If you have dry skin around the eyes, if you are willing to spend a little bit longer blending it in and putting the special powder on top you will have a great time with this product.

I am a NC35 and 02 is great. Much darker skin may struggle.

You can buy this from eBay for about £7 each!

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  1. says

    i LUV salmon! i can eat it every single day! wow its in skincare now??? lol i think your description about concealer should be salmon seems rite, coz i aint fair, beige, yellow etc. genius! xoxo elle