James Brown Photo Fabulous Intense Gloss Rescue Treatment Review

James Brown!? Did someone say James Brown?!!?

No, not that one. In fact quite the opposite.

James Brown is a celebrity hairdresser who has worked with the likes of Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Hathaway, Sienna Miller, January Jones, Liv Tyler and more. He was most recently seen on The Great British Hairdresser which was a America’s Next Top Model type survival of the fittest competition for pro hairdressers.

James’ hair product range is called Photo Fabulous and is packaged in black with bright lettering – reminds me of the Louis Vuitton collection a few years back which had bold neon green and orange lettering!Now, I was sent this as a sample to try. I didn’t tell the PR that in fact I have hair that imitates straw, but really bad straw, even a pony would reject it.

With that in mind, I wasn’t sure how well James Brown’s Intensive Gloss Rescue Treatment would perform.

I’m finding that a lot of intensive conditioners these days aren’t all that – apart from being thicker than normal conditioner I don’t find that they make my hair easier to comb through for example. Even Aussie intensive conditioner doesn’t help my hair at the moment.

This conditioner is supposed to be for dry hair and is to be used after shampooing.


This conditioner smells of…I can’t put my finger on it. It’s not fruity, it’s not floral…it reminds me of a sweet. It smells fine. I had to use a good handful on my hair like 1/3 tube, ahem – to get good saturation!

It might be ok for someone with less dry, thick hair.

The conditioner isn’t too thick and not thin either. It’s light enough to rinse out so there’s no residue and that hair isn’t weighed down.


At first I still couldn’t get through some of my knots but with a bit of elbow grease, I managed it. It did improve how easy it was for me comb through my hair overall.

One my hair dried (naturally) I really saw a difference – my hair was a LOT less frizzy, soft and smooth. My hair can get really bad these days so really, this conditioner did a fab job of taming my mop.

It’s a bit expensive for a high street conditioner at £8.49 but it is a very good conditioner too – so it depends on how much taming your hair needs. If the answer is not much I’m sure you can get a cheaper product.

£8.49 for 150ml from Boots.

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  1. says

    I tried some James Brown products before, not that impressed sadly,
    Have you tried jasmin and henna fluff ease from lush?
    I use a little through my hair at night, shampoo out in the morning.
    Smells amazing, doesn’t make a mess and does make my hair a lot nicer!

    • Row says

      Hi Pinkolizz

      I wonder what the rest of the James Brown range is like? Never heard of Jasmin and Henna fluff I will take a look! Lush is kinda expensive x

  2. Jen says

    James Brown!! I feel gooooood!! lol I watched a few episodes of the Great British hairdresser, I have to say I found the Mr Hair-James Brown a tad annoying!
    I’ve used the hair shine fragrance mist from his normal range, it was ok, didn’t smell too weird (I can’t stand the smell of certain over-fragranced hair brands, like Toni & Guy, and Lee Stafford…I want to smell like my perfume, not my hair product!)
    Would you say this intensive treatment is better than the Aussie Intensive conditioner? That’s the one I’ve been using, and I find it works well, but there’s always scope to find something better :)

    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      Yeah I watched the show ! it’s funny how many celebrity hairdressers there are these days x

  3. says

    You should use Ouidad’s Double Detangler comb to comb conditioner through your hair. My friend has uber thick and curly hair and she swears on it.