Posh Refillable Mascara? Guerlain Noir G Exceptional Complete Mascara Review


Mascara is one of those things; some people find that cheap ones work well for them others like me, can’t seem to get satisfaction from cheaper makes.  More fussy lashes always seem to want RMK or something obscure mascara that needs to be imported from Asia. Even so; I think this Guerlain Noir G mascara (£32, refills £17) is one of the most expensive mascara’s I have ever tried:


Guerlain Noir G Refillable Mascara Review

They say:

This innovative mascara combines the extravagant luxury of a mirrored jewel case with a do-it-all formula that adds volume, lengthens, and curls. Black Pigments create perfectly defined eyes without any risk of smearing, smudging, or clumping. A fortifying agent helps to regenerate lashes by stimulating keratin for fortification and lash growth. Noir G goes one step further in creativity with its refillable applicator, making it convenient and easy to switch to a new wand as soon as you need it.

So this mascara is supposed to do everything for your lashes – add length, thicken and care.  On the plus side, you can just refill it in the future.

The packaging is amazing – it’s super heavy weight and well made although perhaps a bit bulky to carry around.  

Guerlain Noir G Refillable Mascara Review 1

You can just lift the lid off then the mirror pops up – handy eh!  The lid clicks back into place when you close it and yes, it is similar to their lipstick packaging. 

Guerlain Noir G Refillable Mascara Review 3

The brush:

Posh Refillable Mascara Guerlain Noir G Exceptional Complete Mascara Review

I’d say the brush is an average medium sized mascara brush – it’s pretty standard really and I didn’t have any issues using it. 

The mascara is a very true deep black and the texture is medium rich which works well for a lot of lashes but tends to not work so well for mine because they are naturally straight, anything too wet weighs them down. 

Noir G actually performed better than expected. I used 2 very light coats here:

Guerlain Noir G Refillable Mascara Review 5

Length and separation are good. I think this mascara is buildable – it didn’t instantly give me super thick lashes though.

Side view – some floppage at the edges. 

Guerlain Noir G Refillable Mascara Review 7

Curl wise, it didn’t hold curl completely but it didn’t make them flop entirely either. The best thing to do is use this mascara let it dry completely, then give it a light curl – this worked better for me (not what I did in this photo!):

Guerlain Noir G Refillable Mascara Review 6


This is a beautiful mascara to look at and after the initial costs it’s not too pricey. I think this mascara works best on people who already have a bit of lash to begin with – this would look great when I’ve had a lash perm for example, but for my puny lashes in their natural form, the result was fine but wouldn’t justify the cost.  

Would you spend £34 on a mascara?

*PR sample

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  1. says

    I wouldnt spend that much on a mascara either since their lifestyle a shorter than other makeup products but the handy mirror makes it unique :)

  2. says

    Ah! You are experiencing the same thing as me i.e. lash floppage! I quite like the volume but its crap with a curl. Gotta go back to Asian mascara for me! (p/s RMK mascara is awesome!)