Perfect Eyeliner: Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Review

I have addiction to gel eyeliner – I really think they are brilliant – so soft and easy to apply. They do require more effort than your average pencil eyeliner in that you need a brush and a steady hand but still, I will not be parted from my Bobbi Brown black gel liner…

Then along comes this.

I have plenty of black waterproof gel liners to work through but I couldn’t resist trying out this one from Maybelline. Maybe because the drug store gel liners I have tried before seemed so dry and flaky.

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Blackest Black comes in this pack with a brush – a pretty decent one for application. Something about the packaging reminds me of a B&C gel liner I have – the whole lasting for 24 hour thing.


Another thing I don’t like is if a black eyeliner is not as black as they say it is. Well this gel liner in Blackest Black is indeed a deep, try, shimmer free black.

It comes in a solid glass jar like many other gel eyeliner and the texture I have to tell you is EXCELLENT. It is up there with Bobbi Brown in terms of pigmentation and softness.


I prefer the super soft gel liners but at the same time these can run. I can confirm that this gel eyeliner lasts beautifully, as well as most gel liners last.


See how it is a perfectly deep black? This was just one little swipe, I think you can see how creamy, soft and pigmented this eyeliner is – it’s really easy and lovely to use.

In terms of being waterproof – I would say it is water resistant but I wouldn’t trust myself with it on to go swimming or anything to active. It’s a little too creamy for that, but a bit of rain – no problem!

This gel eyeliner takes a few moments to dry – then it’s set and looks lovely. The brush is quite easy to use so you can get a thin line:


I did this pretty quickly I think it’s not a bad line. You don’t really need more than a sweep with this eyeliner it’s so pigmented.

It does last well for day to day wear as well as the Bobbi Brown gel liner.


The Gel eyeliner is ophthalmologist tested, safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens safe.

I bought it from eBay (I THINK at the moment it’s US only) for about $7. I would highly recommend this gel eyeliner it works so well, better than some high end gel liners I have tried for sure.

Have you tried this product before?

What is your favourite gel eyeliner?

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  1. says

    I tried this before & I have to say it fares as well as the gel liner from mac & bobbi brown at a much lower price tag. It even comes with a brush.
    But it does take awhile to set & my friend with oily lids have problems with smudging.

  2. says

    thanks for the review! i’ve seen these at drugstore but always thought it would be a waste of money! i’ll try this out now 😀

  3. Namdo says

    This week I’m looking forward to finishing my packing and moving into my new house with two of my very best friends at college for our final year! And preparing myself mentally for the school year– hoping for straight A’s. That’s more than two, but there it is!

  4. Kitty says

    I love my bobbi brown gel as well but this does look interesting for when I run out and don’t have much money! A good waterproof gel liner is needed for beach/swimming times though!

    Kitty x

  5. baby in a corner says

    Is this only available in the US? I would love to try this, I only have liquid and pencil liners at the moment.

  6. says

    I love my Sleek black gel eyeliner as its not tested on animals. It is very long lasting and a great base for intense eyeshadows.

  7. Felicia says

    Ooh! I have this gel eyeliner as well! Cept for the fact that the packaging is alittle different but I am pretty sure it is the same thing. I love it and uses it everyday! It works really well but not much for sweat!

    And as for it being avalible in us, I am pretty sure they sell this in Asia as well! Mine was from japan’s mabelline’s they are the same formula, but different packaging with mine filled with Japanese words lol..

  8. says

    Asia too! 😀 We get this here and its very very good stuff. Works as well as Bobbi Brown without the Bobbi Brown pricetag 😀

  9. Al says

    Intersting post!

    How long does the pot last though? I dont want to spend money on something that would dry out in less then a month. Ive read many different reviews, some claiming that it lasts with them for over 6 months, while others said it lasted a month or so. Whats your experience?

    Thank you!

  10. Julia says

    @ AL: I’ve had this liner since the end of May and it hasn’t dried out yet, even after leaving the cap off for a whole night. The formula is a bit drier than the MAC Fluidline but it doesn’t even have any signs of drying out anytime soon. I can only assume that is the same for the whole colour spectrum.

    This doesn’t last all day on my waterline though and the top does smudge after about 16 hours of wear, but other than that a good buy.

  11. Al says

    oooo.. So I think that if I was looking for a waterproof, smearproof liner my best bet would be bobbi browns… only problem is the expense :(

    Thank you Julia for your reply!

  12. Julia says

    Just in reply again to you, Al:
    My MNY gel liner is starting to dry out now. But I take back what I said about staying power. I found that patting on Carbon by MAC on the waterline after application helps it stay.

  13. says

    I like it,, your eyes so beautiful, I’ll want to try too, it looks like if you wear a nice, hopefully I can wear it well, if I still wear eyeliner and liquid eyeliner shaped like ink as it is more practical for a newbie like me. thanks for info