Love This: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Smooth Line Gel Liner in Black

There are so many companies these days, that make excellent gel liners that its hard to wholeheartedly recommend one.

A black liner, I suppose, could come in a few different hues of black, or have a few different textures, and could have different lasting abilities.

But overall, I’ve tried tons of gel liners and the cheap liners and expensive liners all work pretty well.

I bought another gel liner from the Heavy Rotation range from Kiss Me – love their products!

Gel Eyeliner Heavy Rotation.jpg

The Heavy Rotation Gel Liner is a true, deep dark black. It comes with a brush which is fine (although I’m sure I will lose it) and a glass pot.

Its water resistant too (not waterproof).

Heavy Rotation Gel Eyeliner.jpg

I really really really love this gel liner. I have a lot of black gel liners and they are great but there’s something about the texture of this one I love.

Its super black – no messing about here – and its super soft and creamy.

I prefer the softer gel liners as they are easier to play about with (like the Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner). But it also dries quick enough for me in the morning so that I don’t get an smudges on my upper lid.

Heavy Rotation Gel Eyeliner Black.jpg

It applies quite glossy, but when it tries its a matte finish – quite unusual really and gives a really smokey dark look.

You can of course use this for a thin line or use it for something thick and heavy like on the packet but I thought this gel liner is good for a fun, funky look.

On the eye:

Heavy Rotation Kiss Me Black gel eyeliner.jpg

I really really like it – its taken no. 1 spot in my heart for gel liners and thats a hard spot to fill.

I’m doing a number of gel liner reviews this week (I went through a phase of buying tons of them) so keep a look out!

I bought mine from eBay but Sasa also have this for a cheaper than that I paid, at $12.70

Whats your favourite gel liner or do you prefer a different type of liner?

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    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      Two different things really – the gel liner is great for lining the top lid, it can also do under the lashes, it can also do the waterline.

      The liquid liner is for top lid only – I love BOTH. I really do. The liquid liner is super duper easy, I can use it every day without thinking, the gel liner requires more time and u need a brush to apply it. I like both!

  1. says

    one more thing, does this last longer than the bobbi brown gel liner in terms of the product drying out. And are all of the Kiss Me products waterproof, I mean like they come off with warm water like the Blinc ones or do they require make up remover?

    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      This one needs make up remover but it’s not too bad to get off. I’ve had mine for a few months it’s still fine