Treatment for Dry Hair: Virgin Coconut Oil

Ahhhh. My hair and scalp could do with some TLC and in these situations I always reach for my trusty jar of Virgin Coconut Oil. (Jar from Ikea, Coconut oil from eBay – of course!)

Coconut Oil Pure Virgin.jpg

This has lasted me ages as I buy it 1kg at a time. Virgin Coconut oil is antibacterial and a lot of people using for cooking although I personally associate it with soapmaking and skincare too much to eat it!

Coconut Oil Virgin White .jpg

Anyway this is just a bit of a ramble. Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the nicest treatments I use on my hair – it melts down as it gets warm and I slather it over my hair and scalp, clip it up and wrap it in cling film them leave it.

It has a tendency to drip after a while so have a towel around your shoulders.

Just remember there’s two kinds of Coconut Oil, refined and virgin. Virgin costs more, but it smells amazing – I mean amazing – and retains all of its goodness.

The stuff you see in some supermarkets that sell you 1kg for £3?…Probably not virgin. I paid about £16 for 1kg of Virgin Coconut oil but that’s pretty cheap. You can be paying about £9 for 250g of Virgin Coconut oil in some cases so do your research!

Coconut Oil Virgin Hair .jpg

In my hair…the cats sniff at it enthusiastically…and I have to say No, little cat. You may not eat my hair.

My brush glides through my hair after a coconut treatment.

Virgin Coconut Oil Hair Treatment.jpg

Messy, but good! I mean, great!

Here are some other oils you can use to beautify!

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  1. says

    jojoba talks about coconut oil as a treatment too; now that you mentioned how nice it smells I really want to try it!

  2. Patty says

    The best natural hairmask I’ve ever tried is a mayo recipe without the mustard and salt. Beat a few egg yolks, then add a teaspoon of vinegar and then slowly start adding a bit of olive oil at a time and mixing it together. Other than the many many many ingredients that are good for your hair, the end result is quit creamy so it doesn’t drip as badly.

    If you want you can add a bit of lavender/bay essential oil or replace a bit of the olive oil for amla oil. It really is like a recipe where you can do whatever you like! My hair is so smooth and shiny after it! Mmm.. maybe I should do it today!

  3. says

    It may save you (and your readers) some pennies to know that in terms of what it does for your hair, you don’t need to use virgin coconut oil- refined oil is chemically the same & will
    work just as well!

    The reason coconut oil works so well on the hair is that it’s made up of medium chain triglycerides that penetrate the cuticle of the hair & bond to the cortex, which helps to prevent protein loss. Both forms of coconut oil are made up of these medium chain triglycerides.

    If you still prefer to use virgin oil, you don’t have to pay an arm & a leg for it. I get mine at a local international market for around $3 for a 16oz bottle.

    Granted, not everyone will have access to such a shop (this one is world reknowned, I’m lucky to have it in my back yard!) but Indian and some Asian groceries are also likely to stock it. If the oil is not labled virgin or refined, you can easily tell by the scent- refined oil is deodorized, so it has no coconut scent or flavor. Either way, no worries- both will work just fine :)