MAC A-Mei Palette

Just a bit of eye candy for you – A-Mei for MAC Eyeshadow Palette –

I love the size, its very compact-

Bold Eyes Palette (LE)

* Venus – (LE)
* Carbon – Intense black (Matte, Perm)
* Freshwater – Bright summersky blue (Veluxe Pearl, Perm)

I have always wanted Freshwater, and Carbon is always useful. Venus is a nice beige nude. This is just my cup of tea, I love strong rich colours and the palette is beautiful too.

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  1. says

    I wanted to know where did you get your A-MEI Palette from? Also does it have a name and bar code on the box as well as the back of the palette. I brought one from ebay and I believe it is a fake. I have found out now that a lot of this is going on. I found out the way you tell the differences in the pigments is that MAC list a bar code number as well as color and it matches the box as well as the palette. Also mack has stick on bar codes not the ones made on the box and another thing is MAC Pigments when you open has a flat top and the fake ones have a raise one with with looks like a little hole in it. I was just curious if I got a Fake product for the amount of money I paid.