American Apparel Circle Scarf

I’m not crazy in love with American Apparel, especially as its expensive in the UK, but I got this email and now I want – no NEED the circle scarf:

£21 and comes in 16 colours. Now who am I kidding – as much as I want Mint or Lavender, good old Black, Brown, Olive and Slate are probably the most versatile.

I am particuraly in love with the Caplet style.

You like?!

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  1. says

    I wanted to get this yesterday after getting that email! But the store I went to said it was only in the US….thats not true because it IS on the Canadian AA website. Hmph.

  2. says

    love it! and want it! my friend many years ago had one.. cozy scarf, instant hoodie, classic and chic! i thought she was just an ecclectic soul who could find things like that… not me of course. thanks!