MeMeMe Cosmetics Beat the Blues Iridescent Complexion Illuminator Review & Model Competition!

You have to admit, Benefit with it’s unique packaging and products have spawned many an imitator; and why not, especially when it’s a cheaper alternative!

These Beat the Blues Complexion Illuminators reminded me instantly of Moonbeam and Highbeam. They even come in the same two tones, a warm sheer gold and a pink silvery highlight.

I have the Benefit versions too; I like them although I think they are a tad pricy for what they are and come in pretty small quantities! Having said that I don’t like illuminators with chunky obvious glitter (once I did, not anymore) so how would these fair?


They say:

Revive ‘partied-out’ complexions with this iridescent skin illuminator! A ‘morning after’ essential that minimises fine lines and restores radiance.

First off these two illuminators come in glass jars like the Benefit and are applied with brush applicators. They are fairly liquid (Benefit’s is thicker) and really easy to blend into the skin.

As I said earlier, one is a pink base one is a gold/beige base. I think both are pretty sheer and could work for most skintones:


Once blended into the skin, there’s no obvious chunky glitter or anything horrible like that. It dries and sets, I would suggest working it into the skin once you apply, not leaving it there and having a pancake because it will dry blobby:#alttext#

I decided I quite like these but working them into my hand I wasn’t sure if they’d make enough of a difference.

But actually just a little makes a nice difference – your skin just glows. I used this on top of my base and mixed into the foundation and it worked well both ways.

Your skin just GLOWS. That sort of mildly erotic shimmery hue…sorta. I like!


I got carried away but this is ideal on the high points of the face, I personally love to highlight the outer V near the corner of the eyes and the top of the cheekbone….



These are really nice illuminators and at £4.50 each, I’d definitely buy these over the Benefit because of the price difference. There is a tinge of difference in the shades; one is warm one is cool but it’s not an overwhelming difference so you could probably get all the illumination you need from one shade! Recommended!

On another note…

Mememe are looking for a new model!


The winner of this competition will win a once in a lifetime amazing prize to become the 3rd spirit where they will take part in a professionally styled photo shoot by A-List celebrity make-up artist Lou Page which will be featured in Superdrug stores nationwide!

Not only that, they will be in an exclusive feature with More! Magazine and for all their hard work our new spirit will win a holiday for them and one friend!

Go here to upload your photo and enter!

You can buy the illuminator in Superdrug stores or directly from MeMeMe (currently out of stock though!).

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