The blog recap for 2009! February, month of lurveeeee

In February 2009…


I did a rather in detail comparison of the Guerlain Terracota powder eyeliners and the L’oreal HIP liners – ever tried powder liners? You should!

I also compared some green lipglosses (can’t believe how rubbish my pictures used to be) – need to dig these out cos green lipgloss + pigmented lips = Caramel Glossy Lips!

I bought a Chanel White eyeliner and it looked…well white, and a black sparkly lipgloss that looked…unusual.

I didn’t realise how many silly posts I used to do! – like I decided that

a. If you need one of these for your Maki, you are sad. I also thought this

b. crazy nutter was my mum, and decided that

c. Bravissimo adverts are annoying and

d. Peri Peri sauces is inferior to Soy Sauce.

We talked about Oscar beauty, and I attempted 5 looks with Red Eyeshadow (no, I haven’t touched that eyeshadow since)!

Then for ingrown hairs, I compared 2 leading ingrown hair treatments,

Then there was the Spin Curl by Remington, which I was dubious about (but would later buy and like very much) and finally, an intimate lady chat about lady bits….

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