Eyeko Vintage Nail Polish Swatches; Saucy, Rain, Posh, Chichi, Vintage & Punk!

So there are a ton of Eyeko nail swatches about but hey, they are so cute that I thought I’d add mine too.

Eyeko from what I remember was quite expensive when it first came out and I had the funky tube mascara which I had begged my mum to buy for me. These days the products are super cute and retro and the more things I use from them the more I likey!

I do think these polishes look adorable and I like how each one is named after…well how it looks.


They say:

Eyeko means LOVE in Japanese and is the brainchild of beauty innovators Max and Nina Leykind. Part Brit girl, part Tokyo cutie – Eyeko offers WOW products that define sweet London style.

Is this like my friend? My friend is Japanese and lives in Manchester, she calls herself a Jap-Manc which means she has a heavily accented Japanese accent but she says things like, “Er-Ar, Ar Kid pass us t’barm or I’ll kick yer ‘ed in”.

Now, shall I just shut up and show you swatches?

Rain Polish – a pale blue. It looks more like stormy rain, very British:


Punk Polish – a HOT pink. Love this. No staining either:


Saucy Polish. Once again I love this – it’s a full on mistress red. If your husband had a mistress, she would wear this:


Chi Chi is one of their newer polishes I believe and has this sort of pretty pink rose pink glitter. It’s cooler toned than in this photo and I like!


Vintage Polish looks like a minty green to me. Probably my least favourite but it is quite nice looking:


Posh – I am into these taupe shades at the moment and this is lovely. I did pile this on by accident – it feels a tad thick to me:



Fun, affordable polishes – hope they keep bringing these out, they’re quite sweet.

See Eyeko polishes here.

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  1. Stephanie Cummins says:

    I love Eyeko , i think i have 3 myself…very good quality.xox


  2. I love the pink and red!

  3. Punk, Saucy and Posh are calling my name!! They’re so pretty!! :)

  4. Saucy Polish. Once again I love this – it’s a full on mistress red. If your husband had a mistress, she would wear this: lolololololol
    like them all but:
    – hate rain
    – love posh

    • Ooh I don’t know I quite like all of them, there’s none I hate but I guess I am like you, not too hot on Rain!

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