Michael Todd Fiber Lash Volume XX Mascara Review

I was sent a selection of Michael Todd cosmetics to try out recently…I have a bit of a production line going on here, but when something really excites me I can’t help but push the review forward :) So I am reviewing their products today….


Michael Todd cosmetics is a US based cosmetics and skincare brand, and is the brainchild of Adam Kaye, an actor, model and make up artist and Lewis Hendler, Scuni’s (the hair accessory company!) co-founder. Their products are sold exclusively online.

So let’s talk product number one, Fiber Lash Volume XX Mascara Review which I have in a navy shade.


The brush is a standard, medium sized bristle brush. You can see the small fibers on it, but its not as dense as say, Fiberwig.

They say:

This formula is enhanced with interconnecting fibers to give your lashes a false eyelash effect. Smudge-proof and long lasting, this mascara will become a staple in your make up bag.

I don’t know why but I found my tube really dry – which I do tend to like because I find it holds curl better, but of course a dry mascara is somewhat on it’s way out…


It’s a pretty shade I have to say…


I really love this dark blue indigo type colour – my favourite blue mascara, ever, is YSL’s Faux Cils (but it’s rather steep just to satisfy my whim for electric blue mascara!).

Although I found this formula dry, I have to say with a bit of work, it does add length:


I like how there’s a hint of colour too but overall for me, this was not my favourite product of the bunch. I just would’ve liked it more if it was easier to work through the lashes.


Overall this is an ok Mascara and the results are decent, but it’s not my favourite

Stockists: Love Make Up (in the UK) and All Cosmetics Wholesale in the US.

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