Hmm not sure: Nars Danmari All About Cheeks Blusher Palette Review and Swatches

One of my birthday presents from Mr C was Nars’ limited edition blush palette, named Danmari.  I used to collect Nars make up, these days less so but as soon as I saw this palette I knew I had to have it.

It comes in a lovely gift box (as a side note the Nars website sends products extremely well packaged, in cardboard boxes that have foam stuck to them on the inside).  Nars Danmari All About Cheeks Blusher Palette

The palette then sits inside some foam in the box, nice and snug.

This palette is the same size as the multiple use themed palettes (a bit big to carry round every day for fine for travel) and you get a generous 0.12oz of each colour.

This palette comes with a large mirror and no brush (good). The palette has a lovely feel but like all Nars rubber palettes, it will stick to allsorts. Nars Danmari All About Cheeks Blusher Palette 3

The colours you get (not in order):

  • Orgasm Blush – peachy pink with shimmer
  • Desire Blush – cotton candy pink
  • Casino Bronzing Powder – dark brown with golden shimmer
  • Super Orgasm Blush – peachy pink with gold glitter
  • Sin Blush – berry with gold shimmer
  • No doubt that Nars went for some of the best sellers and I see the point of the palette – it covers bronze, berry, pink, peach and a highlighter too.

    Nars Danmari All About Cheeks Blusher Palette 4

    I own 4 of these blushers (I don’t own Casino and Hungry Heart). If you don’t have any of these then lucky you, you’ll get a chance to try some lovely blushers.  I love palettes with everything in one place so I don’t mind owning a colour twice.

    Having said that I found this palette harder texture than the solos.  As I use it more it might warm up a bit and be softer underneath, but first initial uses are somewhat hard textured.

    Here are the colours again:

    Nars Danmari All About Cheeks Blusher Palette 7

    I don’t regret asking for this and it’s fab for any Nars collector or conversely, a newbie. However, I wouldn’t have chosen these 6 shades for my ultimate Nars blush palette.

    For me it would be:

    Nico – Highlighting Shade

    Orgasm – Peachy Pink

    Gina – Orange

    Exhibit A – Red

    Sertao – Shimmery Bronze

    Angelika – Shimmery Pink

    I honestly don’t know why they put Super Orgasm in this palette – I don’t hate it, and it may be a big seller but come on – it’s absolutely infused with giant chunks of silver glitter which falls everywhere. It’s such an indulgent choice, anything else would’ve been better and more practical.

    I get why people like Sin but personally, a purple berry type hue does nothing for me. The palette is a bit more ‘dead’ then I’d like – where are those Nars cheek popping shades! There’s also a giant hole where the corals and oranges should be. I’ll stop moaning in a second.


    Nars Danmari All About Cheeks Blusher Palette 6

    You’ll see better swatches in the Gallery – unfortunately this palette was quite difficult to swatch.

    At £45 this palette is expensive and cheap depending on how you see it – if you are interested in these shades then you’ll be saving money since they retail for about £18.50 each.  Otherwise £45 is still a decent amount of money to be spending on blusher especially if you are lukewarm about the shades.

    The palette is sold on the Nars UK website and is NOT on the counters.

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    1. says

      I think this is a fab palette and I would rate this as a pretty good deal. Last year I bought the blush/bronzer trio for £40 which included orgasm, laguna and albatross. I’ve literally used it almost everyday since. I think the danmari palette is excellent because you get orgasm which is a must have, casino is just as great as laguna and maybe even better according to some people & hungry heart is a lovely highlighter. So basically for £5 more and what I believe is sleeker packaging you get 3 more generous sized blushes! I think Desire is a gorgeous pink and I personally haven’t tried sin but I think plum coloured blushes can be really gorgeous! The one that I like the least is super orgasm because of the huge glitter chunks but if you use it with a duo fibre brush it’ll look much better and it’ll look really flattering as a glittery eyeshadow!! Typing this comment I’ve almost convinced myself that I need to go out and get palette even though I have the trio from last year! Yikes, lol!! xx

    2. says

      It’s a gorgeous palette, but it’s definitely for NARS newbies – I own half the colours already, so I can’t justify getting the palette… Such a shame. They should do a pick n mix next time 😛

    3. says

      Thanks for the review, Row. I want Sin but I am not sure if I really need to buy this palette.
      I only have Orgasm out of the shades but I am not very excited about other blushes… So will probably just get Sin.

    4. says

      I was really happy to pick up this palette. I would not have chosen Sin for myself, but I fell in love with the shade. Since the only blush I own from NARS is Nico (which I use as a subtle contour shade), this was a great deal for me :) It’s interesting to learn that the textures are different! I always felt like the texture in Nico was buttery soft, but I wasn’t sure if that was the way for all NARS blushes.

    5. Jessica McLaughlin says

      OMGGG I have been after this palette for soooooooooooo long! I love it so much, any chance your selling??? lol xx