Pretty, not perfect: Jill Stuart Mix Blush in 12 Candy Orange

Although I am always fawning over the cuteness of Jill Stuart (I guess it’s more princess than cute?) I haven’t had 100% success with the products and their stuff is £££.

I own one of the Mix Blushers already but I’m not too keen – not enough pigmentation in my opinion.

I decided to buy one of the newer colours to try out to see if it had improved:


Jill Stuart Mix Blush is like a battenburg cake. It’s split into four squares and comes in a gorgeous case with a brush attached. #alttext#

It really is a work of art!

I chose 12 Candy Orange cos you know I love my oranges! This is half pink (pale pink and hot pink) and half orange (bright tangerine and mid satsuma). I figured that this way I could have a pink or orange cheek, depending on what make up I’ve gone for that day!


The brush – I really dislike this brush. Yes it’s cute, yes, it’s a nice idea but I think it smells funny…like of a horse, and the way it is pushed up is impractical and doesn’t lock in so you need to hold down the lever to keep it up.

I’d prefer this item sold as blush only at a reduced price!

Anyway here it is:


Although this blush is much better than the first range of shades I still think these blushers are slightly chalky. They’re also super soft so the hard brush that comes with it only serves to push a load of powder into the air.

Having said that it does look nice on and wears ok. I just don’t think when all is said and done it’s worth the whopping £38 I paid for it:


Verdict: It’s one of those things that look good but is just average to use, like a stainless steel worktop.

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  1. says

    Lol, the stainless steel worktop of the blush world xD

    I like the look of it in the pan & on the skin it looks pretty nice too. Not sure it’s worth £38 though! Although I wouldn’t say no to it if I didn’t already have 979827482 things on my to-buy list!

  2. Jen says

    I always have the urge to buy Jill Stuart stuff because it looks so damn good, but the price always puts me off a bit. You kinda just confirmed to me that the products don’t live up to the price, so I don’t think I’ll be spreeing on JS products anytime soon :) However, I do like how it looks on you in the pic, it looks very soft and subtle, shame about the brush as well though, you’d definitely expect more from a £38 product!

  3. says

    It looks good enough to eat! The blush looks like a soft apricot colour and not streaky and garish as I thought an orange blush would be. Shame it’s no good for you. :(

  4. says

    Too bad it’s only average. Thanks for the review! It’s so pretty, but with so many excellent blushes out there there’s no point on wasting money on this one.