Eye Make Up Off! Johnson’s Daily Essentials Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover Review

I tend to use waterproof mascara formulas, or Japanese ones (which by nature are waterproof) so it’s a bit of a pain getting it off at the end of the day.

If I am super lazy and don’t take it all off I get these black crumbles around my eyes the next day. URGH!

Johnson’s face care has recently had a revamp and I tried out their eye make up remover – a double layered get up which needs a good shake before use:


They say:

The non stinging formula:

• Contains Skin loving Pro-Vitamin B5 known to condition eyelashes

• Removes even waterproof mascara

I’ll tell you right now that I don’t have much luck with high street/drugstore eye make up removers but you know me, will try anything out:


My eyes are very sensitive and these didn’t irritate them much. I wouldn’t deliberately try and get it in my eyes, but as ling as you are careful, it doesn’t hurt…I can’t smell anything either which is good! There’s no need for fragranced eye make up remover!

This is a oil based eye make up remover which works well (or should do) for waterproof mascara. This worked a real treat on eyeshadow and liner but it didn’t work on my waterproof mascara. On normal mascara it was fine but I’m afraid you’d need something else to take off a water-tight formula.

Example of make up removal! Yeuch!


My favourite eye make up remover in the world, Softymo is a gel so I can use it after washing my face if I want. This Johnson’s one does leave a bit of oil on your skin, so you need to use this before you wash your face!



I have also tried the Johnsons Essentials Gentle Eye Make Up Removal Pads recently (which I didn’t like – too dry, didn’t get anything off) so this is definitely the better product.

If you wear regular mascara and moderate eyeshadow this product will be fine for getting the make up off. It’s also cheap, it doesn’t sting.

If you wear waterproof mascara like me, this remover is not the one. If you dislike an oily residue for whatever reason (ie. because it irritates your eyes or skin), this is not for you.

This is £2.99, it’s sold in Boots and Superdrug!

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