Review: Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Cream

When I was a kid I collected four different things (and I am still a rather sad hoarder these days): 1. Stamps 2. Keyrings 3. Badges and 4. Lipbalms.

See how original I was?

Anyway I am still a sucker for a new lip balm although with my extremely dry, flaky lips (particularly on my bottom lip) its hard to find a consistently good product.

Anyway I hate greasy lip balms – I find it hard to have this beneath a lipstick and lip gloss so when I saw this product from Aesop, a Rosehip Seed Lip Cream I just had to try! (£7.00):

aesop rosehip seed lip cream.jpg

Did I like it? Find out after the jump!

Just a bit about Aesop first, as I am new to the brand.

Aesop offers skincare products developed for those seeking effective, botanical-based solutions. Aesop’s range of products addresses specific imbalances using the finest botanical extracts and scientifically validated man-made ingredients to deliver exceptional results.

Aesop has that clean, pharmaceutical look about it – that sort of stylish but effective feel. Although the first thing that springs to mind is:

Aesop Rosehip Seed Oil.jpg

Yay for talking man-goats.

Anyway back to lip cream. I paid £7 for it, and its a pretty small tube. the cream is a fairly light moisturizer – does feel a bit odd putting cream on the lips as it does not that the petroleum feel to it we are all used to (but this is what I wanted – a treatment I can apply, sinks in quickly so that I can apply my make up as usual):

aesop.jpg (JPEG Image, 362x475 pixels).jpg


– Sinks in quickly leaving the lips ready for lip colour

– Works nicely, leaves the lips feeling hydrated and soft


– The smell is fairly strong (and quite lavender-y) which for me is odd to put on the lips and doesn’t taste great if it gets in your mouth

– The tube is very small = will probably lose it by next week

– The tube is a squeezy one so sure enough, after you have carried it about for a while the pressure pushes the product out as soon as you open it.


I like this product! Its quite hard to find a lip ‘cream’ that sinks in completely and this works very effectively. My main issues with it is that the packaging is a bit rubbish – in a little pump tube thing, it would be great. Otherwise, I’d highly recommend it for those with dry lips – it doesn’t interfere with my lip colour either.

I bought it from Beauty Expert for £7.

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