Review: Shiseido Majolica Majorca Fairy Sadistic Perfect Automatic Eyeliners

Majolica Majorca’s Autumn 2009 collection, Fairy Sadistic *giggles* also has a set of new liquid eyeliners to match.


Previous Majolica Majorca liquid eyeliners have not been my cup of tea – too unpigmented, too watery. This new release consists of 7 shades of blackened eyeliners:

Perfect automatic liner.jpg

I bought two, the GR604 Green and GD802 Gold. One day I’ll get rund to buying BL603 and RD605.

majolica majorca eyeliner liquid.jpg

Eye, eye!

Read more after the jump!To use the pens, twist at the bottom to dispense the product. This all worked very well – with previous versions I had trouble getting the product to dispense evenly.

The brush is a fairly firm synthetic one, fine for thick or fine lines.

Haul_ Majolica Majorca Fairy Sadistic Autumn 2009 Collection |

Hurrah! This liner is a vast improvement on previous models. As mentioned earlier, there seems to be a black theme to all the eyeliners, hence they are all seem to have a black base with a hint of a colour. The one I have used here is the gold – its more apparent in the flesh but there’s no doubting the dark base:

cat eye liner majolica majorca-1.jpg

I think the dark base works best – I mean really, when I line my eyes with lighter colours it just looks wrong.

The liner has a slight glossy edge to it when it dries – the sheen is apparent and actually quite nice.

Another issue I used to have with this liner is that it used to peel off – this one doesn’t. It also used to take ages to dry – this one does still take a minute or 2 to dry but its bearable, not like you have to walk around with your eyes closed for 10 minutes.

majolica majorcat cat liquid eyeliner.jpg


I think its rather fab! A massive improvement on older Majolica liquid eyeliners and highly recommend especially if you like darker shades. The pen also makes it very easy to apply.

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    • Row says

      Hi Jac

      If you wait for it to set then it doesn’t smudge (but it is NOT a quick dry one at all – its quite a thick liquid liner). I didn’t have an issue with smudging then but I did have to keep my eyes closed a while waiting for it to dry properly!!

  1. Strawberry says

    Hi there! Do you know if these are LE? I haven’t managed to get one yet, but I really want one. I saw them in Taiwan while I was there and I’m kicking myself now that I didn’t get it then D:

    • Row says

      Hi Strawberry

      I don’t think the liners are LE but I know the collection overall is….