Boo Boo Review: Palgantong 3×3 Cube Colours Eye Shadow


I’ll keep this review short and quite sweet, okay? 

Palgantong (sounds elegant eh) is a brand from Korea (I think?!) and is one of the very first brands I noticed before there was an explosion in the popularity of Korean make up brands generally.  Their best selling classic product is the Theatrical Loose Powder which I tried a few times and think is OK.

A few months ago I spotted these palettes on Adambeauty and liked the idea of having 9 shades in one place! I got Brown & Pearl and Smoky & Violet:

Palgantong 3x3 Cube Colours Eye Shadow

The idea of this 3×3 palette is that you can mix up the combinations in rows of three to get the best effect.  

The colour choices:

Palgantong 3x3 Cube Colours Eye Shadow 1

Colour combinations are ok, although I hate the way there are filler shades – those sort of pastel inbetween colours no one wants to use. 

The case is black and square, made of plastic, no kind of elegance whatsoever – but that doesn’t matter as long as the product is good!

Unfortunately I don’t like these eyeshadows at all! They’re pretty sheer and there are too many wishy washy colours in them.

Brown & Pearl:

Palgantong 3x3 Cube Colours Eye Shadow 1

This is one of the more natural palettes as you can see, and only 2 are deeper browns.  They have a very soft pearl shimmer to them so it’s a very very neutral palette. The pigmentation is in my opinion, crap. If you are on your very first eyeshadow palette or don’t like any kind of colour then maybe you’d like it:

Palgantong 3x3 Cube Colours Eye Shadow 2

Smoky & Violet:

Palgantong 3x3 Cube Colours Eye Shadow 3

Once again there’s a load of mish mash colours to the left and just a few darker interesting ones to the right.  

Another problem with these cube eyeshadows is getting the colour on your brush to use – it’s obviously a small surface area to work with and is they’re quite powdery, like these ones, they make a mess.

Palgantong 3x3 Cube Colours Eye Shadow 4

Hmm.  The pigmentation is poor, this palette is so uninspiring it isn’t even funny. It reminds me of the first eyeshadows I got from Collection 2000 and they were hideous crumbly and smelt of roses.  Yak.
There’s not a lot more I can add to the experience of using these eyeshadows other then, they suck – they just aren’t pigmented enough for me and the colour combinations aren’t inspiring at all. Clearly, Palgantong need to stick to face powder.
Have you ever tried Palgantong?
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