Wakey Wakey! Rohto Z! Pro Refreshing Eye Drops Level 10 Minty Review!

Monday morning, yawnnnn!

Happy August by the way. Can you believe it? The last 3 months have blasted past for me and I can’t believe we have just 5 more months until 2012.

Anyway are you still feeling sleepy? Wipe your crusty eyes as I present to you one of my recent eye drop purchases; Rohto’s Z! Pro eye drops LEVEL 10!!!

Rohto Z Pro Eye drops

These are not my first Rohto eye drops (I also like their eye wash very much) – but these are my first level 10s! A lot of Rohto and Asian eye drops have a ‘minty’ factor – that is a cool tingle that is supposed to refresh your eyes.

Some people who are used to them might think they’re minty, to me they’re like pouring acid into the eye.  But I can’t deny that they help a lot when the eyes are itching, more so than ‘itchy eye drops’ because the mintiness counteracts the itchy feeling. Level 10 is the strongest minty factor you can buy!

Obviously, I got a model in to help me with this review.

The mini bottle:

Rohto z eye drops

The packaging is typical of Rohto, in a square shaped bottle. I like it, it’s nicer looking then the eye drops we get in the UK which look very medicinal.

Anyway I have tried this – maybe it’s because I am WELL ‘ARD these days but I didn’t find these eye drops too much. Well…put it this way. If you’ve never used minty type eye drops before, you will be rolling in the floor in pain. If you’ve used them before and can tolerate it, then this is a tad stronger than the normal types, and the initial cooling feeling lasts for longer than usual.

Anyway I tried this on Mr C, it took me 45 minutes to finally wrestle him to the floor to squirt it in his eye, then he just lay there with his eyes closed for 15 minutes. Waste of an hour.

Megan let me try it on her:

Rohto Eye Drops Z Pro

This is the point when I wondered if I’d be returning a slightly injured kid to her mother.  Alas! Megan’s verdict said that it was ‘Like chilli’ but ok.

Pohto Z Pro Eye drops


These kinds of eye drops, like whitening, brightening ones are not for regular use.  I have dry eyes and I use artifical tears or hydrating drops more often then I will reach for something like this.  Having said that when I really need to wake my eyes up, or remove itching these are ideal, but as I said before unless you have used a minty eye drop before, do not buy the level 10 first!

Also because of how minty it is it makes me eyes water for a good minute. It didn’t do this to Mr C or Megan but if you have sensitive eyes like me, bear this in mind.  It’s not a good idea if you have full eye make up on although it’s a really good way to get out of doing things you don’t want to, aka. bring on the fake tears!

I bought this from eBay for about £9 including shipping from Japan.


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  1. Karla says

    Been using rohto lycee the regular one.It’s level is 5.I’m actually not contented in it’s coolness/mintness.This level 10 is a must try for me.

  2. Jen says

    hehe I remember the first time my friend tried these super “fresh” eyedrops in Japan…she said she felt like she’d been blinded! However, her eyes did feel totally refreshed after the burn had worn off 😀 I looooove the Rohto Lycee eyedrops, the contact-friendly ones are my staple eyedrops, however I would be interested to try these hardcore level 10 ones!

  3. says

    if i’m not mistaken the highest one is 7 .im currently using level 6.my eyes needs more coolness.not really satisfied with 6