Guess what it is: A bird? A plane? A tool for extracting bogeys?

I’m back with another guessing game for you.

This beauty tool is new to me. I bought it with something I wanted to try in mind and it’s a totally weird invention:


You change the cotton buds around as necessary. Is that a good clue?!

Any idea?

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  1. What *is* that????? A spot squeezer is my guess. The cotton buds are the prongs for pressing either side of a spot.

  2. Oooh, is the thingy in the middle to stop you poking through to the other side of your head (or, ya know, your ear drum) when undertaking the most dangerous task of ear cleaning?!

  3. Im guessing it for cleaning your ears? but whys there two on each one. Unless you use one to clean inside your ear and the other cleans the under the fold bit of your ear? Oh I dont know! I give in…tell us!

  4. It’s for removing contact lenses! Heee one good thing about being from Malaysia is that we get those weird stuff too 😛

  5. Oooooh…it looks a lil scary if it is indeed for contact lens removal! It always amazes me how people come up with all these little gadgets!!

  6. Hmm at first i thought it was for applying eyeshadow to the top and bottom lids simultaneously haha. but someone said pimple popper….thats gotta be it!

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