Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation Speed Review; Not quite a miracle, reminds me of my Nan

God I hate make up with conceited names. But hey, if you want to call yourself a miracle or perfect, then you better be.

Anyway I got myself one of those free sample sizes of Lancome’s newest foundation, Teint Miracle to test. A little pot is supposed to last for 7 days. I printed out my voucher that you were supposed to take to a Lancome counter (it took me ages to locate a stupid printer that worked, they could’ve humoured me and took my voucher!).

The lady matched me up to the closest match…040 Beige Nature, although she also thought I could be 045 Sable Beige. I hate it when they do this to me “Do you want something a bit lighter or a bit darker?” on counters. I just want one that matches, thanks.


Anyway no matter. Used this foundation up and it lasted just over a week.

No doubt this is an excellent foundation and quite a bargain for just £25 – cheaper than Dior, YSL and Chanel foundations, slightly. It’s beautifully packaged (when you get the full size). It blends in beautifully, no streaks at all and sinks in quickly. It leaves an even, fresh look on the skin.

But. But.

Like most Lancome products it stinks to high heaven. I’ve never been able to tolerate Lancome skincare (apart from Bi-Facial eye make up remover) because their stuff is so perfumed. This foundation is no exception – it smells like toilet water, one that should be called ‘Lillies and Gardenia with lambs leaping in dewy hills’ and it’s so strong!

I’d highly recommend you go and smell it (if you are sensitive to scents in make up) before buying. Because I was getting a tension headache from it.

And the other thing I could smell immediately was the alcohol in the foundation. That’ll be why it evaporates so beautifully on the skin! Sure enough my dry spots were drier than normal after using this. I don’t have the little jar anymore but I did peel back the paper and strain my eyes to see alcohol was in there (I can’t remember exactly where but it was about the fifth-sixth ingredient).

Have been fooled before with the whole alcohol in foundation thing – fool me once, shame on you! Or is it me? I’m having a George Bush moment here…

Also I found this foundation lasted just ok – towards of the end of the day it had pretty much faded but then again I don’t really powder my face much. It was glowy whilst I had it on.


I’m not saying it’s a crap foundation, because it does have so much going for it – it kind of reminds me of Diorskin Nude but for me it’s not as good. For one thing, Diorskin doesn’t leave me with dry patches.

So for me it’s not a purchase-able item. I hate the scent, I don’t like the fact it has alcohol in it and it didn’t last long enough on my skin.

But if you don’t mind the perfume and don’t have overly dry/sensitive skin (but then again I wouldn’t recommend it for super oily skin either) then this is a fairly affordable high end foundation that leaves you all glowy.

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    I’ve got one of those vouchers lying around somewhere too. I tried to use it a month or so ago but they didn’t have my shade and told me to come back in a few weeks, I probably won’t bother after reading this, I have a very sensitive nose! I really don’t like the idea of putting perfume on my face.