Susan Ma from the Apprentice expands Tropic Pure Plant Skincare! Did you know she has a skincare range?

The Apprentice this year 2011 was brilliant, compulsive viewing and I really grew to love the slightly whiny Susan Ma, aged just 21 who has a skincare company (and reminded us of it every 10 minutes) called Tropic Pure Plant Skincare.

Ever heard of it? Nope, me neither but to be honest, it looks quite nice although the colour scheme reminds me of Flora butter. Also, the girl put herself through University, paid off her mum’s mortgage and bought her first London property through the business…see?  She’s pretty clever really. Also I don’t recall her being nasty to anyone throughout the competition…stop hating on my Susan!

Susan ma

Anyway, if you are so interested, Susan’s range will be available at  Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model Live, at the London’s Excel on the 28th – 30th October 2011.  I watched Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model last night and I found it pretty unbearable to be honest (I much prefer Tyra and ANTM – she’s got a huge ego but she knows what she’s doing).

Go on – did you like Susan or not? Would you try her skincare?


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  1. says

    I found her way too whiny at the start, but I think she really grew up throughout the process and by the end she was a favourite of mine. I loved it when she started having some faith and actually stood up for herself, rather than just going along with what others were saying/doing. Very pretty and very young. I’m sure she’ll do amazingly well =)

    • Row says

      Hey Nazia!

      I agree she was whiny but actually very nice (never started on anyone or schemed against them) I am guessing the other more hag like ones were very jealous of her enthusiasm, looks and youth!

  2. Charlotte says

    I absolutely love Susan, she should of won in my opinion but I’m glad Alan Sugar is interested in working with her anyway. I also want to try out her skin care, could there be a better walking advert for it than herself?

    • Row says

      Hey Charlotte

      I think so, I think Sir Alan will be able to work with Susan – I do think he likes the slightly younger, don’t-know-it-all-yet contestants!

  3. Jen says

    Susan was my “The One to Watch”…I was hoping that she would win, but walking away with an offer from Lord Sugar to work together in the future ain’t too shabby :) I would be interested in checking out her skincare, the fact that it is organic interests me. I’d love to see her expand into cosmetics as well, as she was one of the few (if not the only) girls on the show not to had godawful makeup! I actually googled to find out what her range was the first time she mentioned it lol
    I agree with you on the BINTM issue…what on earth were they doing to those girls hair?! The worse has got to the the one who went from blond to black and it ended up looking like a wig, and Tanya who ended up looking like a mushroom head! I think the one who got it all chopped off actually looked much better for it, even though she was crying her eyes out lol

    • Row says

      Hey Jen

      And Susan had fierce skin! But then again a lot of Chinese women have skin like her and they don’t do diddly squat to their faces!

      I can’t watch BINTM again – it drove me insane and this time it was the judges, so conceited – not the contestants!

  4. Jen says

    I always say that I’m definitely not watching the next series of BNTM/Big Brother/X Factor, yet strangely always end up following the whole series :s The new judge Grace Woodward is super annoying! But I kinda like Elle, at least she was a bona fide “supermodel”
    Have you tried any of Susan’s range yet?