Wakey Wakey! Rohto Z! Pro Refreshing Eye Drops Level 10 Minty Review!


Monday morning, yawnnnn! Happy August by the way. Can you believe it? The last 3 months have blasted past for me and I can’t believe we have just 5 more months until 2012. Anyway are you still feeling sleepy? Wipe your crusty eyes as I present to you one of my recent eye drop purchases; Rohto’s Z! Pro eye drops LEVEL 10!!! These are not my first Rohto eye drops (I also like their eye […]

Review: Japanese Santen FX V+ Eye Drops are minty fresh!


Sob…sob…..everyone needs a good cry sometimes…. Not me though. I only cry in the vicinity of an onion or if I’ve been punched by a cat (it happens more often than you thin). I have a thing for eye drops because my eyes are very sore, very tired, and very red and watery most of the time (I am writing this post at 4.50am by the way!) I don’t think much of the eye drops […]

Review: Optrex Dew Dazzling Eye Drops

I am obsessed with eye drops, but guess what? I lose them all the time (you can roll your eyes now)… And since you should throw it away after 30 days (hygiene reasons), I end up with loads of half used eye drops! Something you can use it for? Mixing with pigments to make it stick better. Just an idea. I have had my eye on these Eyedew by Optrex drops for ages (nice box!) […]

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