Mini Haul: Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes B-3 and Mellow Forming Rouge PK 811 Review

A little while ago I did a haul on for some Esprique make up! Esprique is a Japanese brand, and used to be Esprique Precious before it was upgraded to a sleeker, black look. The range is in the mid-high price range and is aimed at older women (as in not teenagers) but they’re not boring either!

I bought an eyeshadow palette (Blend Dimensional Eyes Deep) in B-3 which is an unusual pink brown palette and a Mellow Forming Rouge Lipstick in PK 811.

Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes B 3 and Mellow Forming Rouge PK 811 Review

I like how these cosmetics come nicely sealed – I feel like I know no one has tampered with it!

The eyeshadow palette is part of the ‘deep’ range because the shade on the right had side is ‘deep’ – there is also a range that looks the same packaging wise but has a highlight colour instead in the right hand side and is more of a ‘glow’ palette.  You know I love colour and smokey eyes so it had to be deep!

The texture of this eyeshadow is quite soft and creamy, it’s medium pigmented with shimmer; it is in truth like a lot of Japanese eyeshadow palettes out there.

Pink used to look cute on me [so a boy once said], but maybe it’s the lack of sleep at the moment – cos the pink looks a bit urgh.

Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes B 3 and Mellow Forming Rouge PK 811 Review 1

The lipstick also comes in a glow (sheer) version and a colour version which is more pigmented.  This glow lipstick is really really really lovely. The texture is watery and creamy, it leaves the most beautiful plumping shine on the lips and the right amount of pigment. Gorgeous!

The only thing is that it is dear (around £20) and being a skinny tube you won’t get much product. It’s also VERY squishy – don’t swivel too much of the product out!

Swatches:Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes B 3 and Mellow Forming Rouge PK 811 Review 2

I love the lipstick very much, the eyeshadow is just ok, if I see an interesting colour combo I would get another one because the texture is quite nice but this one doesn’t quite do it for me.

What do you think of Esprique?

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  1. Jen says

    Like the look of the lippy, not too keen on the eyeshadow shades, pink always makes me look like I’m suffering from allergies :(

  2. Jessica says

    Are you planning on responding to people requesting items from your blog sale any time soon???

  3. says

    brown n pink combo e/s has been around a long time, its still a nice shade n pigmented (as can see from ya swatch) i like it ^^

    xoxo elle