MAC Haul: Dazzleglass She-Zam & You Got The Look, Snowglobe Eyeshadows Warm

A few weeks ago I went to Cheshire Oaks, which is a “Outlet Village” – ie. there’s a load of discount stores in one place.  To be honest it was pretty rubbish because places like that always depends on the time of year and what the mainstream stores are getting rid off, plus, with there being so many sales on the high street, you don’t necessarily notice much of a discount. 

So generally…it was a sucky day.  However! I did manage to haul something from the CCO (Cosmetics Outlet Store).  They always stock Estee Lauder brands (MAC, Bobbi Brown, Origins, Clinique etc.) from previous seasons.  You can actually find some Limited Edition stuff there – stuff I thought were sell outs like MAC Wonder Woman etc. were all there. 

To aid an all together shiteous day (it was a seriously crap day – we were booked to go to the nearby Aquarium but they ‘didn’t have our tickets’ plus I had a run in with some racist Chavs…not good) I picked up some items:

MAC Dazzleglass She Zam You Got The Look Snowglobe Eyeshadows Warm

MAC Snowglobe Eyeshadow Palette in Warm and two Dazzleglasses – I love Dazzleglasses although they are really immature lip glosses. So sparkly.

The packaging of the Snowglobe palette is of course quite quite, quite funky, also super tacky and heavy. Hmm.

The colours are Winterscape, Magical Mist, Patina, Buckwheat, Gaelic Gold, Midnight Flurry (Left to right):

Dazzleglass She Zam You Got The Look Snowglobe Eyeshadows Warm

Hurmmm despite not being a big MAC fan I usually like the eyeshadows I buy from the, but this palette just felt hard and a bit weird. It’s cool, it’s warm, it’s cool, it’s warm.  I think a few of the shades are cool rather than warm anyhoo.


MAC Haul Dazzleglass She Zam You Got The Look Snowglobe Eyeshadows

The Dazzleglasses I bought on the whim.  One of my favourite lip glosses EVER is Baby Sparks. She-Zam is a silvery sheer clear gloss with pink glitters.  You got the look is a orange with tons of multisparkle. I like orange in the summer so that is what this colour is for!

MAC Haul Dazzleglass She Zam You Got The Look Snowglobe Eyeshadows 1

I think the discount was around 25% – 30% – so it’s not exactly free but the discount is ok. Actually people need to keep me away from discount stores because I can’t resist a “bargain” even if it doesn’t work out to be one eventually!

Have you ever hauled stuff from past seasons?

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  1. says

    Sorry your day sucked :(

    Discount stores are terrible for me as I want to buy everything and end up overspending.

  2. says

    I’m not too fond of the colors in the Mac Snowglobe you got… I got the Sultry Snowglobe from a month ago and it is great. I paid $42.99 for it though… not sure if I got much of a deal but I usually do.

  3. Jen says

    Eeek sorry to hear about your shite-ola day :( What is it with racist chavs, just what IS their problem?! :/

    Last visit to Cheshire Oaks last month yielded me a Bobbi Brown concealer kit (bargain from £23 to £16!). I did see all the MAC past season stuff, but to be honest even though it was cheaper than when first released (just made me realise what a mug I was for buying it full price when I could just pick it up cheaper a few months later!) there was nothing that captured me. I was very tempted by a Michael Kors limited edition BB set, but as my cousin kindly pointed out, I just wanted it for the complimentary makeup bag mwaahaha