A BB Cream for men?! Lab Series BB TInted Moisturizer SPF 35 Featuring Mr C

Mr C’s eyes tend to light up when I throw a new product in his direction although he is strictly hand creams and shampoo.  I though this new BB cream for men from Lab Series was pretty cool.  Lab Series BB TInted Moisturizer SPF 35 Review by Mr C

This BB Tinted Moisturiser has various benefits:

1. SPF 35

2. Coverage

3. Hydration

4. Brightening Qualities

5. Shine Control

6. Anti Wrinkle

7. Firming and toning

8. Pore Reduction

9. Redness Reduction

10. Barrier Repair

Phew!  That sounds pretty comprehensive.  It comes in this squeezy tube:

Lab Series BB TInted Moisturizer SPF 35 Review by Mr C 1

Mr C was very happy to test a new moisturiser until he found out…it was tinted. Yes.

Now – every man is different of course when it comes to the tinted element. Some guys don’t mind it at all, Mr C is of the – no way are you putting something tinted on my face.

The tint is a beige shade and is supposed to adapt to most skintones which I believe (to an extent of course – super pale and dark skinned guys might want to avoid) – it blended into my olive skintone fine.


Lab Series BB TInted Moisturizer SPF 35 Review by Mr C 2

This BB cream has a really nice texture (from my perspective).  Light, airy feel, sinks in nicely into the skin.  I would so use this. What is nice about it is the lack of oiliness and shine control which I don’t see so much in girls’ BB cream formulas. Girls with oiler skin might want to check this out.

Anyway after much nagging, Mr C let me try the product on him:

Lab Series BB TInted Moisturizer SPF 35 Review by Mr C 3

After – his skin is hydrated (HOWEVER he has VERY dry skin and this is not enough in the WInter for his skin), and looks a lot smoother. If I am honest it is almost suspiciously smooth. If I was inspecting a guys face after using this I would probably ask myself why his skin looked so smooth and poreless. Having said that, it doesn’t look cakey or unnatural just a little less….rugged.

Might be a good one for when you have a photo day or something!?


Lab Series BB TInted Moisturizer SPF 35 Review by Mr C 4

Comparing the BB’d side and the none BB’d side I think there us the slightest hue difference (Mr C is more pink and white!) where as the tinted BB cream is more beige/yellow.  I don’t know how well this works with a beard – I rubbed it in as you would if it was a face cream and I didn’t notice any colour gathering around the beard!

Asking Mr C if he would honestly use it again – he said, YES it is a nice cream, YES he would consider using it in the summer if he “got a tan” (he doesn’t tan) but realistically, the whole tinted thing is not for him and he would be too paranoid that people would be looking at him and wondering if he’s wearing make up.

I actually quite like it for myself – the colour blends in well without that ashy finish, it smells like the beach (to me), it makes pores look smaller and controls oil. I would happily use this at the weekends for light coverage and good SPF.

You can get this from Escentual or Lab Series for £32

*PR sample

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  1. Jen says

    Mr C’s skin looks really good in the “after” picture! If there wasn’t the “before” picture to compare with, I would not have known he had tinted moisturiser on…I would just think that he had very good skin lol If this bb cream is as good as it sounds, I would not be against using it…one of my fav moisturisers is also a men’s product lol

  2. says

    Wow, what a difference it makes, even though it doesn’t look like makeup at all!
    the bf will hardly wear moisturizer, i think he’d run away if I tried to put anything with tint on him!