Haul & Review: Make Up Forever (MUFE) Aqua Eyes Pencils

I’ve tried a few of the Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes pencils before, and they weren’t ones I used much – even so I decided to purchase three more a week ago in three colours I don’t have for £11.50 each –

13L – Fuschia Pink 13L (metallic fuschia)
23L – Champagne (metallic pink champagne)
24L – Taupe (taupe brown)

MUFE Aqua Eye Pencil.jpg

They say:

What it is:
A two-in-one eyeshadow and liner pencil.

What it does:
These waterproof eyeshadow and eye liner pencils contain a unique formula that adheres to the eyelids and resists water even under the most extreme conditions, without running or fading.

MUFE Aqua Eyeliner.jpg

Gah! That’s what I have to say. These pencils aren’t exactly cheap and to be honest I had forgotten why I don’t use my other MUFE pencils anymore. Because they are LAME. Ok they aren’t LAME. They are bordering lame. Why do these pencils make me feel mad? Because I expect so so so much more from a MUFE product.

Urban Decays 24/7 are better, Illamasqua pencils are better, Nars pencils are better, Chanel pencils are better, MAC pencils are better. Shu Uemura are marginally better.


MUFE Aqua Eyes pencil.jpg

I just don’t personally find the last very long on my eyes – waterproof? Not on me the aren’t. Pigmented? I had a hard time getting the supposed hot pink and taupe to show up when applied to my eyes. Same with the Champagne – would not show up on my waterline at all.

I don’t find these long lasting or pigmented. They just don’t like my eyes.

For me its a miss. Must make a mental note not to buy any more MUFE pencils when I get bored.

You can buy MUFE from Guru Make Up Emporium, had a great shopping experience with them.

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  1. says

    Thanks for this review. Now I know to avoid these. I’ve heard alot of good things about their eyeshadows though. How are their mascaras? I’m thinkin about trying them.

  2. Melia says

    Thank you so much for the review. I had looked at these eyeliners, looking for a dupe of Urban Decay’s 24/7 Lucky, as I can’t find it where I live. The price tag of around 18 euros had stopped me before, but I always wondered if they lived up to the hype.

  3. Eileen says

    The first time I tried one of the waterproof pencils (in unimaginative black), my eyelids became a bit puffy and red and my eyes teared up. Obviously, I’m allergic to something in their particular formula as I’ve been able to use waterproof versions by other lines such as Chanel without any problems. I also noticed that there wasn’t much color payoff and it didn’t have much glide. For pencils, I’ll stick to Chanel and Dior.

  4. Heather says

    I completely agree! The black MUFE aqua eyes pencil was the first sephora purchase I made. I can’t blend it, it goes on all messy, barely stays on my waterline..etc. I’ve never tried the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils, but I hope to very soon.

  5. says

    i haven’t tried any pencil eyeliners but am looking into getting one this year. and since ud 24/7 pencils are not available from where i am, i thought i’d get mufe aqua eyes! good thing i read this review! i have teary eyes and oily lids too, so this will really not work for me…

    how about etude eyeliners, have you tried any? they just opened a store here so i’m really excited! 😀

  6. says

    I’ve been dreaming of the MUFE Aqua Eyes collector set for $249… After seeing your swatches and review, I’m totally over it! Thanks 😀

  7. Alexandra says

    Well I like these. They are more blendable than MAC Powerpoint (which are the best for waterline hands down). I would always use these for eyeliner all over the eye and the PP from MAC for waterline. Definitely better than 24/7. I really hate those for some reason. No matter, I’ve discovered gel liner now, and I’m never going back.

    • Row says

      Hi Alexandra

      I too love gel liners 😀 I dunno I feel like MUFE so far has been a miss for me, but I’m willing to try more. I really like 24/7! At the moment I really like Skinfood eye pencils which have the nice mix of being soft and long lasting

  8. says

    I too have mixed feelings, I find them very waterproof on the lid and below the waterline…but they do go on in bits and pieces and not as smooth, compact and beautiful as UD 24/7…they’ve been sitting in the fridge for a while now (i keep them ‘fresh’ that way)…I guess I better start using them again to give myself a reason to get better ones in the future!