Maquillage Lip Palettes & MJ Snow Queen @ Adambeauty has updated his shop with a few notable Christmas goodies!

The Majolica Majorca Snow Queen Range

There are three polishes – now, I don’t really do polish but these colours are gorgeous! There is a deep black with shimmer, a shimmery pink and a shimmer white.

There is the Snow Karat powder in an interestingly shaped tub, which is a highlighting powder.

There is the lash frozen mascara, like a glittery top coat and two eyeshadow palettes – one in a light pink trio and one silvery white quad.

The range it stunning, very cool for Christmas although everything in it is focused on the pale. It would be nice to have something plummy or rich since I think those colors look beautiful when the nights get dark quickly.

I know I know, a lot of beauty buffs already have their hands on this range since it came out in the first week on November, but for mere mortals who a. don’t have the luxury of CPs, or b. dont want to pay well over the odds, Adambeauty is a saviour!

He is offering –

Maquillage Crystallising Lip Compacts

There are four on offer. From this photo they all look pretty pinky based (apart from 31 – but alas, it is already sold out on the site.)

Apparently you are supposed to use all four shades at once. The first colour on the left at the cupid bow as a highlight, the second colour on the top of the lip, the deeper shade on the bottom lip, and the forth colour on the corner of the lips. Such precision! But if you visit the MQ websitehere I can’t really see the effect on the four girls…maybe its old age and deteriorating eyesight.

The Maquillage Design Loose Powder and new Nail Colours are also online.

Be quick! Miss the Christmas Post Rush! (obessed with post? me?!)

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  1. Sandy says

    hi. i got your site off vanessa. i love it. it has lotsa stuff about makeup =)

    have you tried any other maquillage products?? i’m contemplating to get some of their stuff… hehehe

  2. RF says

    Hey Sandy

    Thanks for popping over!

    I have tried quite a few other MQ products! The Creamy Compact foundation, the concealer, the under eye concealer, lots of the lipsticks and glosses (highly recommended) and some eyeshadow palettes!

    Let me know if there’s anything in particular you want reviewing! The foundation compact is amazing stuff too…ahhh just buy everything! :)

  3. Anonymous says

    Oh, I’m getting a CP for the MQ powder and the two darker eyeshadows of the ones that just came out! I’m so excited! I love MQ! Thanks for the post!

  4. RF says

    Anonymous – come back and let us know what you think of them! I had a it of regret after buying these because I find lip palettes fiddly – but we shall see!