Can you guess what it is? White balls that smell a bit

And that is the best title I could think of – tragic or what?!

Today I have this mysterious snowball like thing, and I would like you to guess what it is!


I am sure it’s familiar. I bought this for use as a cosmetic item – what is it and what on earth can it be used for?


Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Leelas says

    For some reason, I keep thinking that it’s felted soap, but I’m quite sure that’s wrong.

  2. Lucky says

    Silkworm cocoon (did I spell that right?). I believe silkworm cocoons are used for gentle, targeted exfoliation in Japan. Between the two of them, Toffee and Joyce were rather close.

  3. says

    that’s cos i’m asian and i’ve seen them in daiso (the 100 yen shop)! just forgot for a moment what they were made from

  4. Shari Reilly says

    Dang, someone beat me to it! And I knew! Of course, it doesn’t help that I lived in Japan and have a bag or two of those lying around that I bought over there. :)