Super Cute Korean Goodies! Stationery Package

Girls who read this blog regularly will know that I just love cute stationery and note books!

Since I was a kid I always had the most impressive pencil case and notebooks – I am still extremely fussy now about what paper I will and won’t write on! Nutty, I know!

So when I was sent this lovely package from, a website based in…well Seoul, Korea, that sells stationery, make up, skincare, clothes….I was very excited.



I got some stickers – there’s a few sheets in there which are perfect for the diary (ie. stickers with the weather on and mood!) a leaf post it notes and some ballerina stamps!


I also got some decorative tape and a diary/schedule book. The official title is ‘Studyholic’ – obviously I’m not a student but the sections are still useful because I do so much project work it helps me organise my time…
Ok a closer look! I got this mini stamper to use – it’s so tiny that I can put this into my pencil case incase I want to stamp anything – (usually envelopes or cards!). I’m such a big kid…


I’ve seen these stamp kits before and they are pretty cool – this one is ballerina, and you get 12 stamps which you have to assemble yourself by sticking the rubber onto the foam!


This is what the stickers look like (there are two sheets). This is supposed to be facial expressions – good if you journal or use a diary…


Decorative tape is useful if you like to decorate your gifts, or you do scrapbooks etc.


I am mad for diaries – I find it hard picking one and sticking to it – I always want to make a fresh start mid year! The cover of this diary is a soft, faux leather in pink:


This diary as I said earlier is geared at students – but I think more people can find get use out if unless you don’t work or do any kind of project work or have any hobbies at all…emm in which case you can draw pictures in it:


Monthly diary!


Week by week breakdown!


To do lists! What can be more virtal!


Loved everything I got in this package, I am actually scared to look at the site because it’s so vast I know I’ll be on there for hours looking at the bags, jewellery, stationery and make up! It is so worth a look because there’s lots to choose from, fair shipping prices, cheap prices and quick delivery (took 7 days for me).

I’ve listed the items I have here below because the website is like an abyss – once you start browsing you can’t stop because there’s SO MUCH STUFF!

1. Ballerina Stamp Set – $6.40

2. Cellophane Tape – $2.91

3. Milky Study Book – $11.64

4. Leaf Post it note – $1.05

5. Smile Stickers – $1.05

6. Crystal Mini Stamp – $1.63

Let me know if you visit and is there anything you like the look of?

I love the clothes but I think Korean ladies are quite skinny and I don’t they’d fit me!

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  1. Patty says

    I like japanese, taiwanese and korean stationery way too much cause they have that cuteness factor and I think now I’m going to have to browse through the whole site and by the end of it I’ll want everything! *Drama* Only last month I bought 4 sets of post-it notes from korea because I couldn’t choose which one was cuter!! The almighty power of the cute…I fall victim to it every time!

  2. Elizabeth says

    Oh goodness! I don’t know why I need 3 new planners but I can’t stop adding things to my shopping basket! Goodbye bursary! xxx

  3. Kitty says

    OMG I WANT EVERYTHIIING I love cute stationary and stuff, I want that journal planner but the link didnt work D: *scours the website*

  4. Thu says

    Extremely cute! But if you buy the exported ones: extremely expensive as well! A pacer already costs like $4. Flimsy hmm….but cute nevertheless