Adambeauty Store Update

Adambeauty can be quiet for weeks and weeks and weeks with no goddies, then suddenly – BOOM! You got new Majolica Majorca, New KATE, Visse, MAQUillage, Lavshuca and C’offret D’or.

Unfortunately I am on a no buy exercise – seriously, in my previous life I would have added on in every colour without abandon – but I have a new obsession with this store alas – I must learn to finally finish a beauty product before buying more.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t splash out! Go ahead! Tell me what you are gonna buy from the new collections!

Pics of some of the good stuff:

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  1. Chica says

    I’m trying to cut back too but with MAC colour forms coming out…. :( I’m starting to get irritated by their 7 LE collections a second thing! Why not 2 per season or something a little more affordable?
    I’ve never shopped with Adambeauty – have you had good CS off them in the past?

  2. Row says

    Hey Chica,

    I have a blocker in my head regarding MAC now – as you said, endless streams of LE ranges, its ENDLESS. The colours are always very similar to other things and as you say its not cheap…pppfffttt

    Adambeauty is really excellent. Never had a problem, many many purchases – shipping recorded is $2 which is more than fair regardless of purchases, prices are a lot lower than on Ebay or Ichibankao. To the UK it takes 3 days (2 days when its really good, maximum 5 days in my experience). Highly recommended!

  3. Chica says

    Ooh, that sounds ace, I’ll go potter around the site now (and no doubt place an order as I have no will power) thanks so much :) x

  4. says

    Since I have read about Adambeauty from the Muse…i just can’t stop lurking that shopping site! lol What’s stopping me is that i can find some of the brands here! ohhh I wish I am still strong !