Calling Big Boobed Girls…

I am always on the look out for affordable, well made, stylish, funky bras for women with big boobs – small backs (and they are hard to find).

By big boobs, I mean above a G cup and by small back I mean 30-34 back, which is actually very hard to find – I have noticed that a lot of the companies that cater for big boobs don’t go beyond a G cup and if they do, their back sizes start at 38.

Bravissimo tends to cater for more sizes but I find the prices a little steep so I always go to eBay to find a discounted version of the same bra I want.

Today I stumbled on a new find!…

Lime _Brooke_ balcony bra - Cleo by Panache - Fuller busts - Lingerie - Debenhams.jpg

Find out what….I am not sure if it is exclusive to Debenhams, but I noticed they have a range called ‘Cleo’ by Panache who make fairly decent bras for big boobies.

Firstly I noticed that the bras are:

1. Really Funky

2. Come in small backs AND large sizes (to a J cup)

3. Cost £24 for a bra (on average) so pretty affordable

Not every single style comes in the really big sizes, but that depends on the structure of the bra sometimes. I have already ordered a pink one so hopefully, it will be good scaffolding. See the range here.

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  1. says

    I feel your pain. I’m a 32 J, and its so hard to find bras in my size (without ordering online), that I’m still wearing my 34 G bra. So lame!

    • Row says

      Hey sarah

      I wonder if bra sizes are similar here to what they are in the US? I have some bras which don’t fit perfectly but I still keep them!!! x

  2. says

    Ah very nice, i’m not the biggest fan of Panache bras but they do a good size range …. being a 32G -GG (stands for Gargantuan Gorgeousness) It is uber difficult to find decent bras….. i did find a couple of newer looking makes (or maybe i had just never heard of them before) in Debenhams, they are not the best support wise but still good and nice designs too. I will find out the brands and report back, cap’ain! x

    • Row says

      Hey Saskiathestylefairy

      Panache bras are not my fav either, I quite like Fantasie and Rigby and Peller (although grannyish) – but then again there isn’t a lot of choice. I ordered the pink Clio bra so fingers crossed it will be well made cos it sure looks cute!