Younique Nails, Aqmore Water Based Nail Polish Discount Code!

I did a review of Aqmore water based polishes a few weeks ago! They’ve got in touch to offer a discount code to those who are interested!


You can get 10% off with the discount code row10.

To clarify, international shipping is calculated by weight, $5 for 1st 500gm and $1.50 for every subsequent 100gm. Polishes average at $10 per colour.

Visit the shop here – they do have quite a nice range of colours.

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  1. Inês says

    I totally forgot about my comment on the other post XD And you’re right, for some reason the $5 shipping option didn’t show up at that time.

    10% + $3 off is a good deal, I’m ordering Summer to try out, hopefully it will be a yellow that won’t look bad on my skintone! Thanks for sharing the code and for letting us know about this brand :)

  2. Inês says

    I ended up ordering Summer after I commented, and it arrived today. I tried it out immediately :) As you said on the original post, the application was very streaky – I had 4 coats on thumbs and it still looked bad, and 3 on the other nails and they were quite fine. I hope it will look a lot better when my nails get used to the formula!
    Summer isn’t really a yellow that I can pull off, unfortunately. It’s the kind of yellow that stands out like I’ve painted my nails with white corrective fluid meant for writing. Hopefully, when my hands are tanned in summer, this color will look better!
    The removal process was so much fun and so easy that I’m tempted to buy both Sakura and Purple Romance… I wish there were more swatches online to help me decide XD