Beauty Court : YSL Touche Eclat, you stink!

Roll up, roll up, for Cosmetic Candy’s new series, Beauty Court. I have some super fun posts coming up for you (if I don’t say so myself) so stay tuned!

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All you badly behaved cosmetics will have no where to hide, now that I can take you to court! (suggestions for offenders are also welcome).

This week we are dealing with this golden darling:

touch eclat.jpg

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat……….

Why? Read on!Touche Eclat was one of the first luxury items I lusted after. Back in the old days it came in one shade only (quite a light pinky base) and was *the* product to own for dark circles.

These days clicky pen highlighters are everywhere. Some, I think work better and are cheaper. But we are not here for that today – we are here to formally charge Touch Eclat of stinking after a few weeks of use.

The first time it happened to me was with that ill fated first Touche Elcat. Left it somewhere for a week or so. Opened it, smelt something odd. Checked my armpits, checked my breath.

To me it smells distinctly of sweaty rolls of fat and vinegar….

vinegar.jpg (JPEG Image, 280x280 pixels).jpg

I love Vinegar. I drown my chips in them every time – but I don’t want to smell like vinegar. I don’t want vinegar on my face.

To my other half it smells like an old dirty festering mop…

mophead250.jpg (JPEG Image, 180x240 pixels).jpg

You can tell me that only some of the Touch Eclat pens stink – I have owned about 6 in my time and they have all, every single one of them stunk like a skunk eventually.

Why does it stink? I don’t, quite honestly, know. Is the lid a little too air tight, thus encouraging festering? Is there something in the formula that just doesn’t like to come in contact with air? I don’t know. I just want them to fix it.

(More disturbing news, is that Argos is not stocking Touch Eclat. Whatever next? On sale in Lidl?)

It’s a pretty good illuminator. Many, many non stinky alternatives exist therefore YSL should address this issue. My most recent T.E. was bought 2 months ago and it stinks.

Verdict: GUILTY!

Recommendation: To get the stink out clean your brush with Isopropyl Alcohol. Its cheap and will really clean it.

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  1. says

    Tee hee… love this! The stinky pen made me swap to the By Terry one.. very good shades and no smells. Plus buying this one means I have to go to SpaceNK… aka Heaven!

  2. says

    Hey Rowena!
    Hoaw are you today? :)
    Finally something saying something about it! It does stink! I noticed that before, but always thought I might be imagining things. I gave up on it, immediately after I smelled it. Rotten, really, and I don’t even think it is THAT great. Dior Skinflash is so much better. I hate that smell, it’s really bad, and I love that you also noticed, so, I am definitely not imaging it!
    Thanks a mill, Dear!

  3. Rachel says

    I agree…totally smells like a mop. I don’t think its the formula…I think it’s the brush that is constantly wet which encourages mould and bacteria to grow, thus the foul smell…imagine putting that on your face…