Ravings of a mad insomniac….

I’ve had about three hours sleep today – for some reason I woke up in a cold panic.

Which Chanel Quad do I want next?

No not really. I am very paranoid about catching a virus that’s been spreading rapidly in the UK –

The Norwalk virus, or Winter Vomiting Virus.

I had this same time last year. In my twenty odd years, I have can barely remember a time I have been sick; iron stomach, me. Then as well as feeling extremely nauseous and dizzy, I was sick successively for three days. It was the worst I had ever felt in a long time. I remember clearly my shiny new Macbook had arrived, and I didn’t even have the strength to look at it for a week; it remained in its box, unloved. (But I have made up for it since then…)

There is a lovely quote from BBC News, from Dr John Cowden, consultant epidemiologist at the Scottish Centre for Infection and Environmental Health in Glasgow, who said: “We are not talking about feeling a bit dicky and chucking up in the toilet bowl. I am told that people can vomit straight out for about a yard.”

Thanks Dr Cowden, for that precise, medical description.

The other half is currently doing a show with a young man called Chesney Hawkes, who some of you may or may not remember from the 80s (I clearly remember singing his song when I was about six in the playground, just for the dinner lady to walk past me and say, ‘You’re singing it wrong!”

Jolly nice chap, says the other half. Anyway I hear the One and Only has this bug and I am only hoping the other half didn’t engage in any ‘man hugs’ because if he’s brought it home, he is living in the store cupboard.

On to a bit of make up! Receiving post on a Saturday is a nice little treat, since it doesn’t happen that often. I got a lot of 12 NYX pencils I won off the bay:

Notice I have been trying out some new software? Editing all my pictures in Photoshop was too time consuming, too battery absorbing, too complex. This was much easier…

The pencils were very impressive; soft and easy to apply. The colours were more vivid than I thought they would be; I love the effect of the metallic ones in particular. I am not sure how they will be on the waterline, so I need to give that a try and report back.

I put it on the back of my hand and after 4 hours, half of the colours had faded a little. I mention this because when I swatch Urban Decay liners, pencil or liquid, they will not fade at all…but then you could probably get 3 NYX pencils for the price of one Urban Decay so it depends on what you want…

Since my thang of the month is Chanel Quads, I picked up this Limited Edition Bouton Lilas Quad for around £15 which is a bargain:

I am not a fan of just pastel colours, although this could look nice with a bit of black liner. The gold C’s I believe will come off once they have been touched so…bye bye quad, see you in 2070 on my deathbed…

Mmm you know what I would love right now?…

McDonald’s Double Sausage McMuffin. Has anyone ever eaten one of these and not felt ill afterwards. It’s the “double” bit that is the killer. But I love hash browns, I could just have say 10 hash browns and an orange juice.

Then after McDonald’s follows:

…remorse and an exercise DVD. The star of this DVD is a girl called Natalie Cassidy, who was on a prime time UK soap called Eastenders, which is the top programme that people get forced to watch in England. The media haven’t been kind to her regarding her weight or appearance and suddenly, *poof* and she’s gone from a UK Size 16 to a Size 8. She does look a lot smaller…hopefully she has managed it without exerting herself too much. The picture on the DVD does look like a bad photoshop job though, like her head has been stuck on someone else’s body and she’s been coloured in.

Anyway the DVD is sold out everywhere! But everyone has a resolution to get fit, don’t they? I am going to add myself to that list and start the workout by trying to locate this DVD…over the Internet. Small steps, small steps.

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  1. MandyPandy says

    I’m an insomniac too. What’s worse, I can’t handle caffeine and even chocolate will keep me up the night.

    NYX is great; my favorite NYX products are the Mosaic Powders and the Rouge Cream Blushes (those two products are very difficult to locate, even here in the US; Eckerd D/Ss used to carry them, but not anymore). I had these products before (paid about $4.99 each) and they are worth every penny.

    I (personally) am waiting on the Shilpa Shetty Yoga DVD. Ever since CBB it seems I can’t get enough Shilpa; I really hope Daniel Lloyd and Jo O’Meara make guest appearances.

  2. Row says

    Well I managed to get my hands on some of the Cream Blushers! They were so cheap but I have only tried one called Tea Rose, a neutral brown but wow – gorgeous. I will check out the Mosaic Powders too – there is an excellent seller on Ebay who ships quickly to the UK 😀

    Shilpa Shetty Yoga! I hope Jade, Jo and Danielle come in for the finale and throw poppadoms at Shilpa then swear that is was just friendly banter.

    I bought the Geri Yoga DVD once, because it was 99p on sale. It was so boring. I need to find it and use it as a remedy for my insomnia.

  3. MandyPandy says

    The orange cream blusher was good to, more of an apricot/peach really.

    If you can, try to find the ’01 Highlighter’ Mosaic Powder if you can. ‘Rosey is also a good MP, comparable to Benefit’s Dandelion in results. Did I mention the ‘Champagne’ MP, lol?

    You had me dying with laughter! A Jade Goody/Jo O’Meara/Danielle Lloyd poppadom showdown is just what that DVD needs. I’ll be heartbroken if Jackiey’s not there, though; why, she’s the very PORTRAIT of a lady!

  4. karen, makeupandbeautyblog.com says

    That quad is pretty hot! I’m new to purples but I’d make a feeble attempt to rock it.

    I’m sick right now (it ain’t that nasty virus though, thank GAWD), and whenever I don’t feel well I want junk food. That McMuffin looked mighty tasty.

  5. Row says

    MandyPandy –

    01Highlighter? I’m on the case. I won a lot off ebay and the lady is normally nice enough to exchange any colours for me. Ever tried one called Truth? Oh I dunno I would like allll of them they all look pretty good.

    All we need is to see Jackie’s camel toe in a lime green leotard…hmmm…..

  6. Row says

    Karen – I would have thought that purple would look gorgeous on you! Probably even easier to wear than blue? and you look great in Celestes…

    Mmmm I had my Mcdonalds in the end. The double sausague muffin is a killer but the hash browns were amazing, I had three. Felt bit ill afterwards… :/