Paul & Joe Primer

A girl can’t have enough eye primers, right?

After all, what good is eye make up that doesn’t last?

I previously reviewed a load of them, but the search never ends!

I love Paul & Joe eyeglosses. They smell great, and leave a truly glossy sheen to the skin.

I had to try their primer, which is in a similar bottle. This base is a fleshy colour, it looks dark in the tube (almost a NC35) but once applied it just evens the tone out.

I wouldn’t wear Art Deco primer on its own (too greasy) or UDPP (too dry) or Too Faced (too creasy), but I would wear P & J’s as it really evens out the skin.

It dries quickly. Art Deco stays wet for a while so colour really sticks. P & J doesn’t, but it might make it easier for you to apply if you don’t like to see your eyeshadows look a bit creamy.

I tested this today and there was the tinest amount of creasing in the, er, crease. Nothing hideous though, and it provided a very evening and sturdy base for my colour.

I like it! Its also easier to blend with than UDPP.

For absolute iron proof eyeshadow I would still choose Art Deco. But, when I don’t want greasy eyelids (art deco can cause tiny spots), and I want a really brightening, evening primer, which also dries quickly, I would choose Paul & Joe.

Go out and try it, if you can find it!

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